Amazon still works like a startup


Amazon is a huge giant in today’s information technology world and right now they worth a huge fortune but it didn’t stop them from being what they are: a startup with extremely high ambitions.

After more than 20 years of work, amazon worth more than 735 billion US dollars and this can be a simple suggestion which shows that they are not a startup any more. But as the matter of fact, they still work like a startup system.

As the matter of fact, this approach is the main reason behind their amazing growth. They still think like a startup, they are still eager to learn what is new and what can make a huge impact and that’s why they invented things such as Alexa and echo.

This is not just a personal idea of author but this view is given to us by Wall Street giants. Amazon financial reports are amazingly good and they had 40% jump in their sales but they still work like a startup and moreover, they acquire many startups every year.

Amazon put their highest bet on things which are outside of traditional retail system and this is exactly a startup thing. Many of the analyzers believe that amazon will continue to grow thanks to this attitude and having more than 100 million subscribers on prime system is a proof for this claim. But the crown of their throne belongs to web services. They earn more than 20 million a year using these services and around 4 billion US dollars of operating income belongs to amazon web services or AWB.

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The only obstacle we can see in their path is United States of America administration under Donald trump. Trump believe in traditional business and that’s why startup approaches like amazon won’t get along well with current USA president and his guidelines.

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