The best money making mindset for making money online

Make Money online -mindset
Make Money online- mindset
Make Money online- mindset


So, should you start doing stuff make money online finally?!

It’s never been easier to launch a brand new business today, especially online.

In most cases, getting started takes very few employees (if any), barely any capital, and just a little time to get off the ground and start seeing results. That’s why we’ve seen a huge shift in society recently, where more and more people are leaving their jobs to pursue entrepreneurship.

Or at least starting it as a part-time! It’s also never been easier to fail a new business.especially IF the right foundation isn’t set in place from the very beginning.

It happens over and over where people rely 100% on short-term “tactics” and “hacks” to grow their new business fast.

For example, some rely on SEO to rank their website higher in the search results and gain exposure. They soon learn the hard way that a small algorithm change can swiftly cause their website to lose ranking and end their business overnight. Others rely on social media, and before they know it, the terms change causing their business to crumble.

How far can you look at the path for make money online?

I can go on listing different scenarios, but here is where the rubber meets the road, one thing they all have in common:

They’re NOT setting their business up for long-term success.

Don’t get it wrong, Google and social media are both amazing tools to get your business seen and it’s no secret Startupik uses both heavily. At the end of the day however, these tools should only serve one purpose and that is to capture leads. Without leads flowing in and allowing you to follow up to build a lasting relationship, it’s only a matter of time your business will take its last breath.

Your passion is not your profit

so, you may have heard that Steve Jobs says:

“You have to do the great work and the only way to do the great work is doing what you love

So at this point, a lot of you might think: oh boy I knew I had to wait so I could find what I loved the most and then made money from it!!!! WRONG!!!! If you listen to Steve Jobs patiently, he will continue:

If you haven’t found it -what you love- yet, keep looking.!

You see?? you have to try new things, maybe you will find something that you will love even more than you can imagine, and that may lead you to the right spot where you are doing GREAT WORK as he says.

Do you think you’ve ever been manipulated?

Most people would say no. The average person is going to tell you they have great common sense and they would know if somebody was manipulating them.
But in reality, every single person has been manipulated one way or another, almost daily.!
Manipulation isn’t all bad, We can be manipulated into making smarter choices and healthier decisions. Like you might trick a toddler to eat vegetables by making them think it’s the best thing you’ve ever had. So there are definitely different levels to it.  some people are deeply affected by some gurus talking about success and ” YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE” THING!     SCAM….SCAM….SCAM !!!! Your passion is not  NECESSARILY your profit! Be careful about that!

The Startlingly Obvious Reason you may fail

Here’s something really important for you to keep in mind.
The number one reason why people fail at anything is they give up as soon as it gets difficult.
It’s that simple. Some of the greatest movements and ideas have come out of a conflict.
To be a successful money maker entrepreneur(!), you need to understand that you can’t just handle stress and difficulty, you need to learn to thrive in it. What we’re talking about is that without struggles, without adversity, and without friction, there won’t be any forward progress. Desperation is the number one source of inspiration.

Look at Brian Acton. He’s one of the founders of WhatsApp, but before he started Whatsapp, he was turned down for a job at Facebook. After he was denied his dream job, he Tweeted “looking forward to life’s next adventure.” Then he went on to meet his business partner, and they launched this texting app.

We all love WhatsApp as a communication tool, and we use it all the time in business. The next thing you know a couple hundred million people are using it, and it’s one of the most popular apps out there. In 2017, they ended selling their app to Facebook for 19 billion dollars.

Remember the saying?

War is the father of all.

The conflict and struggle that happened to Brian Acton became the potent source of ideas and innovation for him. When Brian was denied the job, he didn’t become all negative and cynical, instead, said “OK, on to the next thing.” This is because he had the mindset instilled in him to bounce back. He knew he was capable of achieving other great things. I read an article recently that said when we feel stress, fear and mental discomfort our body reacts with physical cues like your heart rate increasing. When we feel overly excited and happy our body reacts the same way, but obviously, we don’t think we feel the same. So, what’s the difference?    The difference is perspective and context. The next time you’re experiencing conflict and stress tell yourself what I’m feeling right now is excitement. Excitement for the potent ideas that will come from the conflict.

It’s like stocks, they don’t always go up. Even the best stocks have to come down before they can go up even higher, it’s called a correction. It’s a principle of physics, every action has an opposite and equal reaction. When things seem rough just know that you can use that downward energy and momentum to create great things that will drive you up towards your goals.

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