Atom is an editor made for startups

Atom is an editor made for startups

In all of startups, we have program and code writing and sometimes this leads to confusion. Some people use multiple editors to write their own codes and this may lead to confusion when someone else refers to that code for edit. Atom is a code editor made by github and it is extremely useful for startups because it can unify their documentation and coding process.

– If we want to mention it’s advantages then we have to go for the following items:

  • This editor has a smart auto completion system which will speed up your coding process.
  • You can simple use Find and replace options to edit your text as fast as possible.
  • Ability to use multiple panes.
  • It has a great Built-in package manager.
  • You can browse your file using this tool’s great File system.
  • And finally you can use cross platform editing on this editor.

this tool is a very useful yet a simple system. This system is made of 3 major working styles: teletype, IDE and Github system and we will take a look at each one in this article so you can learn which way we can of use this tool are.

Teletype for Atom

When people work together, they can perform miracles in the working process and Teletype for Atom is exactly the right tool for this purpose. People can use this system to work together on a single file and hence your whole teamwork will get better.

This facility is especially useful for programmers. Coding teams can use Teletype option to make the codes more effective and speed up development progress.

Atom IDE

If we want to put it in simple words then we have to say that Atom-IDE is made of a set of optional packages that can bring IDE-like functionality to simple Atom editor.  This facility improves language integrations and makes coding a whole lot easier.

You can go to or simply click on this link to get more information about supported languages on this IDE system.

GitHub for Atom

GitHub for Atom is something which scream its functionality loud and clear. You can directly work with github using GitHub extension. This package will let you interact with a lot of people like yourself and learn from them.

You can download this useful editor for 64-bit Microsoft Windows 7 or later versions using their website or click on atom word anywhere in this page to gain direct access to their website.

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