Why and how is a ‘startupist’ required to budget his/her time

“Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.” – Charles Duhigg  A startupist’s...

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7 Twitter Hacks


Increase your Instagram Reach

For every digital marketer, Instagram has become an essential platform.At least 50% of users on Instagram follow brands profiles and this number will increase...

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Many people want to be verified on Instagram.They like that blue check next to their name.Many of your friends are not verified, so the...

Instagram Hack for Business

As you know, every year many of new features are released on Instagram.All of the new features are not perfect, therefore these hacks are...

Instagram listening

Instagram isn’t just a platform to post images anymore.Social listening is a way to make smarter business decisions.What does your audience expect from...

Using Quora for Marketing

Do you think about using Quora for marketing?Now, Quora has 10 years old.Maybe you know that Quora can also be a powerful platform for...

How to Market on Reddit

If you want to expand your Business outside the traditional social platforms, maybe you need to know about Reddit.In this post, you’ll understand more...

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How to Increase your Follower on Instagram

Instagram Follower “The best advice for anyone trying to grow on social media is to be real and to be consistent. People will connect more...