Singapore is Facebook’s choice for second data innovation startup program

Singapore is Facebook's choice for second data innovation startup program

A couple of yours ago you could not find many events related to startup but it seems that we will see a huge progress soon and even today, many companies are investing in such events. For example, Facebook conducted a special event last year and now for second data innovation startup, they have decided to go for a new ground and selected Singapore as host.

second data innovation startup program will be a great event for startup companies and this means this will be a great chance for startup people to shine there. Facebook even opened a new office space in Singapore to manage this event from within this country.

This event will be held in collaboration with Infocomm Media development authority of Singapore which is called IMDA in short. This second data innovation startup program will be something extremely important for Facebook as and this importance is reflected in the speeches of the high level people of this company.

Dean Neary as Vice president of  Facebook in Asia Pacific region expressed this event and its importance like this: “Asia Pacific is incredibly important to Facebook. Out of the 2.2 billion people who are on our platform monthly, 894 million are here in Asia Pacific. Economies are in the midst of a digital transformation, and there is a tremendous push for technological innovation and entrepreneurship.”

This event will be exciting for both conductors and participants and Neary sounds excited about it: “We are excited to be part of this journey working with partners across the region to invest in programs, opportunities and people that create a positive impact in their communities.” Due date and timing for this event is yet to be declared by Facebook authorities and then the open invitation for startup people will start. What is your opinion about second data innovation startup program? Please leave us a comment down there and share your thoughts on this event.

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