Instagram Messaging App, War Between Instagram And SnapChat

war between instagram and snapchat
Instagram messaging app to be released

According to Techcrunch, the war between Instagram and SnapChat is getting nasty. The Instagram messaging app is to be published.


Instagram to launch a separate direct messaging app;

Earlier,  The Verge had announced that Instagram is testing a separated messaging app. The news was at such validity level that literally made Instagram to a direct response.

Till now, It’s been leaked that the Instagram messaging app is literally the same as it was already featured on the Instagram.  It can send direct messages in person and within a group. Then it will let you share direct pictures or videos. It will use your Instagram contact list.  Plus, you will have the same social actions available in the app.


Why… Then?

Well, you would ask yourself so why you have to spend money and separate what you already have? The answer should be the war between Instagram and SnapChat. Regarding the monopoly policies of Facebook,  Instagram as one of its acquired companies is drawing a war against SnapChat to weaken it. Seemingly, financial studies show us such actions are causing trouble for SnapChat. In the same way, Instagram stories decrease the use of SnapChats’. Same is accurate with the directs. So, this could be considered as w winning strategy.


What we can hope for is that these wars -or in a more polite manner these free market competitions- result in more quality application and breaking through technological services.

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