Tim Berry, a good old fashion entrepreneur in modern startup world

Tim Berry

There are many young founders in today’s world and most of the old ones are either retired or working in the shadow but there is no denying that without people like Tim Berry, startup world wouldn’t be the same today. In this article we will take a look at his life and the long journey he had in the way of becoming a great name in the world of entrepreneurs.

Personal life and early days

Tim Berry born on 1948 in Eugene in Oregon State. He raised with his family there and then started his studies as a young talent back in 1970’s. His first academic achievement was BA in Literature back on 1970 from University of Notre Dame and then he got his MA in journalism from university of Oregon on 1974 and late got his MBA from Stanford University on 1981.

He got married in 1970 and moved to Mexico City as a journalist. His wife was a major key into his success and even the money which he spent on getting his MBA came by her help and mutual investment in real estate business. Even now after all these years and having 5 children, they still live happy together.

In 1983, Tim Berry started his own consulting practice and reached big name customers such as HP and Apple. Later that year he founded his own company called Infoplan. This company was a great success and later (after 5 years) changed its name to Palo Alto Software.

from bankruptcy to the greatest heights

After some years, Tim Berry decided to go back to Oregon and this led to his company to shift there as well. In 1994 and after 2 years of this physical shift, Palo Alto Software got extremely close to bankruptcy but Berry was a fighter, he fought to save his company and  finally in 1994 he made his great impact by releasing first version of its Business Plan Pro software.

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This software was so successful that Berry and his team had 5 million $ revenue at the beginning of the new century. After some years of the new millennia, Tim Berry stepped down from his position and gave his chair to his daughter. Since then he spend most of his time with his family and his other hobby: writing. He published multiple books which we suggest you to read them if you want to learn more about startup and specially tech startups.



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