First year in startup world: age of survival

First year

Startup life is not an easy life, you will face a lot of struggles in the path of success. You may spend days and nights struggling and feel miserable but don’t worry because first year in startup life is all about survival. In this article we will point some major problems that will happen in your first year and you may not think of them at the beginning but if you know them in advance then you will have a great chance of success.

Family and friends will get upset

You are walking on a rough path my friend. In your first year in startup world, the whole world will crumble on you and you will feel the weight on your shoulder more than any other time. But the main thing is that the ones that you need the most won’t understand what’s going on.

Your family and friend are not able to understand why you are not there as much as before, why you don’t spend more time with them and why you are always tired. So it’s up to you to let them know what’s going on.

Try to teach them about your passion and your goals and show them why you need to spend more time to stablish your work. You have to learn how to handle this pressure or else you will either get crushed or defeated.

When doubt kicks in

As we have mentioned earlier, you will face hard times in your first year. A simple unwritten rule exist and based on that, when hardship comes, it will bring doubt with itself and that’s why you should be ready to handle the doubts.

Remember your motivation all the time and don’t forget what the main reason that have brought you there was and why you have to carry on. This one is extremely hard to master but once you learn how to do it then you will have an easier time in your first year and in your whole life.

Anger and control

A lot of us look elsewhere when problem comes, we want to blame the others for our own mistakes and this will lead to anger. You need your trusted people and your team and this anger may hurt them to the point that they break up with you and quit being a part of your startup.

Money is important but it is not everything and you have to put human side of your team in the perspective as well. In the first year you might not be able to pay them enough money to endure the hardships so try to learn how you treat them and try to make a family not a discrete team. Your anger will only ruin things so learn how to manage it.

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