Satya Nadella, an Indian on Microsoft throne

Satya Nadella, an Indian on Microsoft throne

Microsoft and apple, these two names are the most known names in computer world for sure but they had their fair share of troubles. In both cases when the original founder have decided to leave company, all that amazing solid structure started to shake and after some hard times with some other CEO’s, they have finally found their king. Right now apple is run by Tim cook and Microsoft is in safe hands of an unlikely hero named Satya Nadella. Today we want to take a look and Satya Nadella as an entrepreneur and see what path he traveled to get to the throne of Microsoft Empire.

Who is  Satya Nadella?

Satya Narayana Nadella is an Indian American 50 year’s old business man. He was born in Hyderabad in India but soon after that he moved to other parts of India. In south India and in Karnataka state, he joined one the best colleges he could find there. After getting his degree from Manipal Institute of Technology back in 1988, he moved to United States to start a professional life, a move that changed the history of tech as we know it today.

He got a computer science degree from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and some years later he was able to get his MBA degree form University of Chicago back in 90’s. He started his professional business in the age that computers were blooming and Microsoft seemed untouchable.

The man who came from the Sun

His first main work was at Sun Microsystems. He worked there as technology stuff there but his brilliance wasn’t something hidden from eagle eyed Microsoft people and soon after in 1992, he joined Microsoft.

He started from fairly low ranks in Microsoft but climbed the ladder of success in a fast pace and turned into one of key players for their projects. His first major influential work was Microsoft cloud systems and this success guaranteed his position within company.

He was able to gain more than 19 billion dollars of market share for Microsoft and soon after he got raised into higher positions in this giant. After Steve Ballmer had an unsuccessful run as CEO, Microsoft trusted their management to Satya Nadella and since then they are flying higher than ever.

Right now Satya Nadella turned Microsoft into one of the greatest names in areas which was not their focus before and this alone is showing his pure genius in business. So his life can be a good example that shows no matter where you born and raise, you can make the world treble by you presence.

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