Make crowd funding easy with fundable

Make crowd funding easy with fundable

Crowd funding can be extremely tricky and that’s why many people are having a hard time working with it but there are tools such as fundable that can make this process easier for startup. Today we will introduce you to fundable as a great tool that facilitate your whole crowd funding campaign.

What is fundable?

Fundable is a free based crowd funding platform. It can run, execute, plan and do all things regarded your crowd funding for you. This platform works based on both rewards-based and equity-based campaigns. This means that nay business can use their services and gain a huge advantage out of it. But it seems that since giant won’t be in a dire need for crowd funding, these services are more suitable for small and medium scale businesses.

In you go through their website then you will find out that there are many companies who have already made it into real deal of a business using fundable services and fund they were able to collect using this crowd funding system.

In short we can say that fundable will give you strategy and strategically advices on how you can perform a great crowd funding campaign. This website will host both investors and other side of the deal so it is somehow where you meet who you should meet in order to get your capital ready to go all out in startup war.

A history of help

This company started its work since 2012 and they have already raised a huge amount of money for startups in crowd funding style. Since they have started their work, they were able to successfully collect more than 456 million US dollars of money for multiple startups, a number which is still counting and growing day by day.

You can sign up in their website in an easy 3 step method that even a young boy or girl can handle and then you will gain access to crowd funding platform they provided for you. If you want to be sure about them then you should know that they have some amazing people beside them as advisors. People such as great Mark Nagar are one of these names and his history has being already covered in an article here in startupik.

So our suggestion for you is go there and search their platform by yourself. You can get direct access to fundable website by clicking on their name anywhere in this article so go on and give them a try and yourself a chance to gather your funding.

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