Unity and conflict, twin Children of startup environments

Unity and conflict, twin Childs of startup environments

If you want to work in startup environment then you have to be tough as nail. This case specially goes for managers and founders because they are under a lot of pressure that others won’t feel them the same way. Unity and conflict are two aspects that can happen but you have to be able to manipulate one and avoid or solve the other one and that’s why today we want to address these two aspects of startup life.

Unity and conflict will always happen

First of all let’s make it clear, Unity and conflict are like your twin kids when you start a startup. You can’t throw away your kid and you are going to have to face it one way or another. So if you get yourself prepared for it then you can pass with flying colors and if you don’t, then you may fail miserably.

So know that you must be ready for Unity and conflict all the time and hence you should have some tricks and solutions up in your sleeve to overcome Unity and conflict situations as fast as possible.

How can I control conflict?

First we will go after conflict. This is one of the most troublesome aspects of startup. In startup you should work like a team and different ideas may put you in front of the others. So if you have an open mind then conflict can be used as a tool to reach unity. Bu if you have a dictator inside you then forgets about startup and go for a more traditional way of doing business.

3 task successful leaders should leave to other people

You can control conflict by gathering people around you in a way that they know what they are supposed to do. If you want to use conflicts as a constructive tool then trust your people and let them trust each other as well. This is the main key of turning bad into useful.

How can I manipulate Unity?

Unity comes from a lot of things. Share your vision with your team; let them feel like they are a part of this dream. Don’t leash mistakes in front of the others and don’t ignore what others suggest. Do not allow anyone to directly attack other people mind and do it yourself before anyone else.

In this way everyone will work on the project like it’s their own and this leads to unity. Give them a fair share of profit if you don’t want this unity to collapse and most important of all, always be crystal clear when you talk to them.

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