Aaron Levie founder of box

Aaron Levie founder of box

It was not a long time ago that we needed a hard disk to store all of our stuff and we had to carry it everywhere with us but in today’s modern world, we  are leaving near clouds  (if not in it) and there is no need for us to take our heavy hard disk with us. In this road we had multiple names helping us live this cloudy dream and Box is one of them. In this article we are going to take a look at life of Aaron Levie, the founder of Box.

Early life and sparks of genius in college

Aaron Levie or as his full name is, Aaron Winsor Levie is a great entrepreneur from United States of America. His is indeed a great name in tech industry. He is still young so many of us can relate to him and his success. Levie is 34 and born and grew in a normal family in Seattle. There is not much to talk about his childhood but everything got interesting when he joined college. In there he and his friends started to show the first sparkles of brilliance and the rest is their legacy. He studied and Southern California university and in there he and his friends came up with idea which we know as Box today.

Box is a cloud based system and it was so great that Aaron Levie decided to leave his studies to start his own adventure. He is not the main founder of Box but he is indeed cofounder of it and CEO of this cloud giant as well.

To clouds and beyond

Back in 2004, Aaron Levie was working on his project with his class mates. He started to study the market for his project but the result was not satisfying. He decided that if things are not right, then I will make them right and seized this opportunity to build his File storage business.

Box was a great Idea because it aimed at individuals instead of big firms and this risk payed off very well. He left college at 2005 and with help of Dylan Smith (CFO of Box) put all of his energy on the box. One of the first people who helped them was Mark Cuban and he granted them some capital to expand their business.

After 2 years, they have found out that there are too many companies mimicking what they did and the market is indeed not as good as before so they have decided to go for Business level of cloud storage services. After 5 more years, they had their foot step in Europe and opened their office in London.

Right now Aaron Levie is CEO of box and writes articles and books from time to time as well. He is still young and full of energy and idea so we can rest assure that we will hear about him more in the future. People like Aaron Levie showed us that study can’t replace Idea and brilliance and that’s why we can take him as an example and dedicate our life to our goal.

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