Michael Dell, a love story of success

Michael Dell

Michael Dell is not a household name but Dell itself is but as you may have already guessed, Michael Dell is the one who have made this company the giant it is now. So today we are going to take a look at his life and a path he took as an entrepreneur and a great business man.

Early life

Michael Dell or as his complete name is, Michael Saul Dell born in 1965 in Houston, US and raised with his family. When he was just a kid, he faced a calculator that sparkle his interest in computers. Soon after that he started to get this interest more seriously and guided this interest to a useful thing and awakened business oriented analytic part of his brain.

He joined university if Texas and started a normal approach to life but it seemed that this was not the case he could continue. When he was in college, he started to make some amazing business tactics and earned around 18 thousand US dollars in a year and that was enough for him to quit the college and make his official business.

Dell gets serious

He started to work on computer retails and earned some good fortune based on that but he always had his eyes on bigger scopes and soon his analytic sense kicked in and in 1984, Michael Dell figured out that manufacturing computers will bring him more profit than retailing it and hence the empire we know as Dell today was born out of this idea.

His company was so successful that soon everyone started to realize what he has done to business and copied his approach in the market. When he was only 27, he got a great honor and became the youngest CEO in the list of top 500 companies by fortune magazine.

On the other hands, 3 years before this on 1989, he was honored as entrepreneur of the year and this was all because he was recently established Dell PC Inc and made an impact on the market. Right now his net worth is estimated around 23.5 billion $ and lives with his family in peace in Texas.

He also was a part of a book titled “Direct from Dell: Strategies That Revolutionized an Industry” that highlighted his life and if you want to know more about this great entrepreneur then we suggest you to read this book. He is a good role model on making something mostly traditional into a cutting edge system so if you want to walk the same path then learn more about his life using that  book and following him on social media.

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