Bitly, a URL shortening system for all seasons

Bitly, a URL shorter for all seasons

Have you ever encountered those huge and lengthy website URLs? This problem specially occurs when you are dealing with other languages than English. So if you’ve had enough of these links and you want to give your link to other people in a short and neat manner then we have a suggestion for you: try to use Bitly URL shorting service. Its free, its fast and most important of all, it is effective.

Here we want to take a look at their service and history to see why this URL shorting tool is one of the best in the whole world.

Life is too short for long web links

As a startup you may think why you need a short URL. You have to conduct lots of campaigns and advertisements. Sometime you should send link using a SMS or any other paid method. First of all, all of these methods will have character limitation and if your URL is long then you have to pay for 5 SMS prices only to send a simple if you use Bitly then you did a great deal of saving.

Second one is about style. No body like and ugly advertised material. Long URL is weird looking and ugly. They usually have tons of signs and symbols and that’s why they are not pleasant on the eye. If you use Bitly then you can make a short, neat and good-looking URL out of a fuzzy one and your audience wont runaway by just seeing your link.

Working with Bitly is simple. You just go to their Website and put your long URL there and after a couple of seconds you will get a short version of your link. As he have already said, simple, effective and fast.

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10 long years of short links with Bitly

Since 2008, Bitly started its services and during these 10 years, they have made it much more effective. Right now they are offering personalized services and each customer can have his/her or its own (in case of business entities) experience using this great tool.

Right now they have more than 600 million links converted each month and they are in top 1000 websites list of Alexa ranking. They also started to make QR codes as a link from 2010 and made a whole new way of letting links reach the others. Right now they are number one in URL shortening services all over the world.

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