Top 10 startup companies in Australia

Top 10 startup companies in Australia

So after a visit to places like north America and east Asia we are doing to make the a trip to the latest continent that have being discovered and take a look at Top 10 startup companies in Australia. This country is huge by all means and when it comes to startup, they have an amazing scope and they have some of the greatest startup companies in the world. Today we want to go on and check this country to see what kind of startups they have to offer to the world.

10- Foundr

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaYou may ask yourself that why there is a magazine in the list of top 10 startup companies in Australia but they are more than a magazine and they can make you a better business man.

As the matter of fact, Foundr is a great global media and education company. They can connects people who need advice and insight with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time. people can get insights from great entrepreneurs such as Mark Cuban, Richard Branson ant etc. so it is not hard to see why you should check their work as fast as possible and get more knowledge from them.

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9- Clipchamp

Top 10 startup companies in Australia

Clipchamp is 9th best startup in our list of top 10 startup companies in Australia. I guess that the name can explain what they do but it can be a little bit misguiding because they are not another YouTube wannabe.

Clipchamp is an amazing video tool suite for in browser activities and this means you can create, modify, manage and perform all related tasks on your video within your browser. On the other hand they provide API so people can implement their services in browser based on their business need.

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8- ManOfMany

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaIf you go to their website then they have introduced themselves as a digital platform that can showcasing the latest trends in men’s products, culture and style.It was only a men’s gear blog at the beginning but they have grown so big that today they made their way in our list of top 10 startup companies in Australia.

right now if anyone needs high quality male focused content then Man of Many is an obvious choice because they offer some of the best that there is in this world.

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7- Creately

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaAnother startup that can act as a great tool for other startup companies.  Creately  is clearly one of the best graph and diagram management tools out there. It allows you to create, design, share and modify diagrams online so its fair to say that they deserve their current position in our list of top 10 startup companies in Australia.

you can do anything you like with your diagram and this is no surprise that they are popular not only in Australia but in the whole world.

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6- ManageFlitter

Manage Flitter is one of the strangest options in our list for top 10 startup companies in Australia because it is not common fro a twitter tool to get this popular. this startup is so successful that has a ranking below 200 in the world and this shows why they are growing despite not so good situation that twitter experiences at the moment.

They can manage your social media activity with ease if you use Manage Flitter so if you love twitter then give it a try.

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5- 99designs

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaWell this is a great tool for designers and it definitely deserves its spot in our list of Top 10 startup companies in Australia. If we want to explain what 99designs is all about in simplest way we have to say that it is a great an complete marketplace for graphic design.


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4- Gleam

Top 10 startup companies in Australia

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Gleam is in fourth spot of our Top 10 startup companies in Australia because it can empower the engagement between lovers of fashion and style and the industry itself and helps them to make things to the next level when it comes to business.

If you have a business about fashion then you can use Gleam and its services to expand your horizon beyond expectations. this startup has changed many businesses since their start so its not hard to understand why they have made it to greatness.

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3- Freelancer

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaIf this is not the heaven for freelancers then I don’t know what it might be. freelancer may be in third position of our list of Top 10 startup companies in Australia, but for me it is in top 10 of the world (personal opinion and not an official one) because it helped many people move forward in life. you can order projects or get projects and work on them as a freelancers in this website.

All people with all kind of skills can participate in projects and earn money and this has made freelancers, a great startup that has change the face of entrepreneurship dramatically.

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2-BigCommerce (startup companies in Australia)

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaBig commerce is a great e commerce platform for people in Australia. They can give the best chance to people to sell better. they provide online stores and stores powered by Big commerce are proven to be more successful.

If you ask them who can use their service then their response is like this:”Employees, partners, affiliates, contractors, vendors or any entities who represent Big Commerce in any way will identify themselves as such in the community

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1- Canva

Top 10 startup companies in AustraliaThere is need for graphic design all over the world and people like masterminds behind Canva are there to make the things happen smoothly when it comes to graphic design and stock photo. You can find more than 1 million stock photos there in Canva and this is only one part of what people can do with this amazing startup tool.

You can find all kind of fonts and graphical elements in Canva and this is an amazing library by any means and you can use their services like many other people all around the world. Canva is not only in our list of Top 10 startup companies in Australia but if we ever want to create a Top 10 startup companies in the whole world then it is fair to say that Canva will have an spot there.

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So as always we have to go and leave us a comment down below and share what you think about this article. Do you think that there is another company that can make it to the Top 10 startup companies in Australia and we have missed it? Let us know their name and your reasons supporting your claim and we will be more than happy to apply changes in our next list.

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