Startup solution for pollution


A startup company in Taiwan aimed to sole multiple troubles in south East Asia by offering electric Scooters in large scale.
This company is called Gogoro and they have a brilliant plan to reduce pollution level by reducing usage of fuel. This company is backed up by a very well-known American person: Al Gore. If the name is familiar but you don’t remember him then let’s say that he was a top candidate in presidential race but lost to George W bush.
This startup started their business on 2011 and focused on two aspects: energy and ecofriendly scooters. They have designed multiple scooters and charging stations during these 7 years but now they found the perfect mixture and they want to officially kick their plan on January 23rd.

A plan for the future

Gogoro’s founder, Horace Luke seems to be excited about this project: “we are planning our next big city move and we have a lots of cities to choose from. We are finalizing one of them right now”
Gogoro raised over 300 million dollars of funds last year and now they are using this amount in the best possible way. They can earn profit, help environment, improve people life standard and health and create a better citizenship culture at the same time.
Government of Taiwan have plans to ban all non-electric scooters by 2035 but Gogoro is not the only name in this changing landscape. But they have plans for recharge stations as well as scooters and this might be their winning chip.
Luke pointed to scope of this project and added: “I’ve always told my shareholders, the day I return a dividend is the day you should sell your shares, the world sells about fifty million two-wheelers every year. That’s a lot of people moving around on two wheels that need to convert to electric.”
He also said “The goal for this year is to make sure the technology is ready, make sure the product is ready, and make sure the operations are ready. Once that’s all ready, we can take it to cities all around the world.”

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