How we can launch a product in a successful way

How we can launch a product in a successful way

if you want to launch a product then you have a lot to do, in this article we will give you points and hints on how you can perform a successful product launch and using these hints you may avoid mistake on your path to become a wonderful startup.

In startup world, we have a huge race going on with multiple participants. Just like any race, no one comes there without proper preparation and everybody knows that launching a product is the result of a huge effort by the startup, a long training routine before the main event. So if you want to launch  a product in a successful way then you must prepare yourself for it.

Remember, these steps should be done before launching your product and this is not something you can do after it so take your time, read this again and again and apply it on your startup.


First step is validation and it may seem very obvious. You must be sure of your product first. Does it worth launching? This simple question can make you avoid a huge amount of trouble later and many startups fail because they overlook this important yet simple fact.

You should find out that the doe’s audience really need your product? A huge company like apple might launch a product and their goodwill may create the need for that product in the market but in a startup, you don’t have such advantage at hand so you must be sure of this simple fact that people need your product. There are certain techniques for validation and we will review them later in another article.

Having an email list before you launch a product

You spend a huge amount of time and effort and then you spend another huge amount of time and energy on validation. You are on the right track but you are still far from finish line to launch  a product.

You should have an email list of your potential customers. You must send invitation email t all of them and this list may kick start your product with ease. This email list can be used to send pre-launch newsletters and invitation links and even first users promotions. Later on you can expand your email list and use it for further products and services.

Have a MVP

MVP is not most valuable player here. In fact in business, it is short term for minimum viable product. It means that you must simplify your idea and product, a minimalistic version of your product.

A popular way to do such this thing is a technique called “The wizard of OZ” and in this method you have an automated looking system which in fact is not automated and you pull the strings manually from behind the scene.

You should remember two things on this point: first one is that you must know that the wizard of OZ won’t be effective for all type of products. Second point is that you might be able to use this method to launch  a product before completion and complete it on the way.

Remember that if you take too long, you might never be able to finish your program, if you don’t spend enough time then again you might end up failing. There is a fine line here that you should verify it for your product. You can’t run before you learn how to walk so be patient and go step by step until you can run.

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