Randi Zuckerberg, from Facebook to Zuckerberg Media

Randi Zuckerberg

Let’s start with the obvious question that you all have in your minds right now. Yes, you read that right, Facebook and Zuckerberg are in the same sentence but it’s not mark we are talking about.  Randi Zuckerberg is marks sister and she was a big part of Facebook’s early success.

From advertisement firm employee to a media giant

Actually Randi Zuckerberg is older than mark. She born in 1982 and as we mentioned earlier, she is 2 years older than her brother. She studied at Harvard university and then started her career at a big marketing firm called Ogilvy & Mather. She worked there from 2002 to 2004 until she received a call from her brother.

Mark had some problems with Facebook and he believed that there are not enough people who can understand his vision and transfer it to the others. That’s why he tried to bring her sister and use Randi’s expertise in marketing for his own business.

Randi Zuckerberg said yes to his brother and the rest is history. She was a great choice because she could travel around the globe and use her skills to make Facebook known to others. Facebook was a small startup back then and Randi played a major role in their advertisement campaigns as their Director of Market Development.

From Facebook glamour to Post Facebook days

Randi Zuckerberg was Director of Market Development and spokeswoman of Facebook for 7 years but she never became addicted to that glamour and shining castle. Randi resigned from Facebook on 2011 to continue her own adventures. She founded her own media firm. This firm was called Zuckerberg Media and she still holds a key role there today. This startup is all about generating media content for different places such as United Nations.

If you want to know about Randi Zuckerberg and her skills in advertising then you can read her book titled park Your Career in Advertising. This book got published on 2013 and sparked another interest in her career. She worked on another book called Dot Complicated with another author named HarperCollins. She also worked on a book for kids which is not a bright start in her resume.

Randi Zuckerberg is now have a peaceful and happy life with her husband and two child. She is one of top 50 Digital Power Players (according to The Hollywood Reporter in their 2010 report) but she is down to ground like her brother. Her path might be separated from Facebook but the giant we have today might never be the same without Randi’s effort and knowledge.

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