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There are a lot of things you should do in order to make an online startup business work well and one of them is managing your SEO. Secockpit is an amazing SEO management tool that can help you and your business reach new heights with minimum effort and today we will dive deep into this tool to see what it may have for your benefit.

What is SEO?

Well to begin with we have to explain what SEO is, yes we know that most of you exactly know what it is and we ask you to kindly skip to the next sub heading if you know about this matter and leave this part for new comers to SEO.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and its one the most important aspects of your website success. If your SEO is not good then you will not appear in the first pages of search engine. So if you manage SEO well then you will get better view rate and users will tend to use your website more. It is a set off actions and rules that makes your SEO great or poor and there are professional courses to learn these but we are here with Secockpit to make this easy for you.

What is secockpit?

Secockpit is a website which acts as a hub to improve your website SEO. It can give you access to tons of amazing keywords and will you search your desired keywords to see if they are effective enough to attract people to your website or you should consider other options.

In their website they have listed their keyword features like this:

  • Keyword research at warp speed
  • International: For all countries and languages
  • Superior & unrestricted keyword analysis data
  • Find the most valuable keywords in just seconds
  • Find more and better keyword opportunities than your competitors
  • Special Bonus: RankTracker (SECockpit Pro & Up)

In short we can say that what you have to do with days and days of research and analysis will be available for you in as fast as snapping your finger so it is easy, fast, accurate and it will get frequent updates so you can get the best at anytime.

How much does it cost?

There are 3 levels of secockpit accounts and they range from personal to enterprise level and obviously you have to pay more for more services. Personal plan will cost you 48$ per month and pro level users should pay 960$ but Agency account will cost you 1440$. At the moment they have put special offers which reduces price to 339, 599 and 899$ for each account so try this tool if you want to get an amazing reach for your website.

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