When will be the right time to start your startup?

When will be the right time to start your startup?

We all have amazing ideas but we don’t know how we can make them a reality and that’s why a very important question rises in our mind: When will be the right time to start our startup? In this article we will take a look at this question from different perspectives and finally will come up with an answer that may be more than helpful for you people put there. So let’s strap on and get ready for on important ride.

Today is your best day

Believe it or not, today is all you have control over. If you want to found a startup or make your already existing startup into one of the best startups all around the world then it doesn’t matter what did you do yesterday because you live in today and you tomorrow will directly shape based on what you do today as well.  So if you want to know when the best time to start is, It is today but don’t be rash and don’t miss interpret this part because jumping right into the middle of your work without knowing what you are doing is more or less a suicide act. Be ready to start today but starting may be just framing your mind in the right way and hence there are a lot of other steps involved with the process to start your startup. But nonetheless you have today and you can affect only today and now. If you don’t make today happen then it will be in the past before you know it so believe in the moment before anything else and this is exactly the most important fact in the way to start your startup.

Analyze before diving deep in

So what you have to do first is analyzing. Start your startup in a way that you know what is going on in the market. Analysis can be done from different perspectives. One of them is analyzing customers and customer’s base. The other one will be analyzing what is going on there with your rivals and how did they do and why they failed or made it in this specific field. So technically you should be ready for everything and anything before you go there. But this does not mean that you should have immerse knowledge about everything and you just have to get an idea about the situation to begin with and knowledge can be gained in the later stages.

Money will come with Idea

You don’t have money? Don’t wory; you are not alone my friend. Most of the people in the world started their startups with almost no money. If you start with a good idea and a good execution then you will eventually find some capitalist to invest in your idea. There are even other approaches such as crowd funding but you should learn more about them before trying, otherwise it may lead to your down fall instead of your amazing future. So don’t bother yourself with the money more than it needs and focus on work more than this.

Acting is the key to success

If you want to start your startup then this might happened to you at any stage of your life: you have an amazing idea for a couple of years but this idea remains inside your head and won’t go anywhere in the physical world so what you  will do is as important as what you have in your mind. After some time you will wake up in one morning and start reading the news and boom, someone else have executed the exact same (or similar) project as your idea and you left with regret.

The main difference between you and the other guy is that he acted and you didn’t. Your idea might be more polished and better analyzed but unless you act, you won’t get to start your startup. So go on and make your idea work in the real world before others get it for themselves. Idea is like a seed, it will fly in the wind and get to someone and if that someone doesn’t plant them then they will eventually find their way to the others and by the time you get to notice, all is lost.

Are you ready?

So if you want to know about the right time to start your startup then look at yourself. Are you ready to sacrifice your time, your health and your happy sleeping hours in order to start your startup? If you are not ready for that then forget about it and go find a regular job and work on daily basis for minimum salary but don’t pretend that the world is unfair because you had the idea but you did not sacrifice anything even for a short period of time in order to get it done. But if you are ready now then when will be a better day for you to start more than today is?

Find some partners

Startup life is hard and you definitely can’t make it on your own so if you want to start your startup then you should have some candidates in your mind before the start. They can join you in the later stages or right from the start but the most important thing is that you can start if you have support. This support may be technical or in any other way but don’t forget that you are not superman and you can’t do all by yourself.

 Stop day dreaming before you start your startup

This one sounds a little bit weird but it’s one of the most important aspects of the process involved in the way to start your startup. If you want to get reach in one night or you dream about owning a multi million dollar company then forget about it (at least for the time you start your startup) because you have to start from nothing and build your startup based on what you have, brick by brick and step by step. There is no magical word that you can say and boom everything changes in the best way. There is no magical lamp or such things in the real life and you have to get yourself down to the ground if you want to start your startup.

Final words

These points were only a couple of examples for you people out there to know that if you are ready to start your startup or not and if you are not ready of any one of them then you are not ready to start your startup. People with great ideas are not coming from mars, they are people likje you and best startup CEO and founders have also started from zero and reached the hike of the startup business so if you are scared, it’s ok, if you are afraid of unknown, then there is no problem but if you have the will to make your life amazing then you can start your startup‌. There are multiple other factors involved in this important matter but we can’t take you with us all day, you have a startup to start and we believe that you can make it so in future we will dive deeper in this important problem but meanwhile if you think that there is an extremely important thing that we failed to mention then leave us a comment down bellow and we will happily share it with the others later on. We will come back with better and more in depth articles soon but meanwhile leave us what kind of content you want in the comment section and we will happily accept it and give you  what you want in the later posts.

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