How to Market on Reddit


If you want to expand your Business outside the traditional social platforms, maybe you need to know about Reddit.

In this post, you’ll understand more about Reddit and learn how to market your business on it.

Why Your Business Should Consider Reddit

Usually, people look at the big platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and maybe Pinterest.

They imagine that those platforms are the only options for social media marketing.

As you know a huge amount of social media activity happens on those platforms.

but the internet is a big place full of social communities that might be related to the audience or customers you’re trying to serve.

This platform is one of the most underused social media marketing platforms.

According to, it is ranked the sixth visited website in the United States and Seventeenth globally,

Reddit has an average daily user time of 11:29 compared to Facebook’s 9:34.

it’s currently ahead of both Twitter and LinkedIn, while it may not beat Facebook in daily traffic.

Reddit is big and active and you’re not marketing there.

How Does It Work?

Reddit focuses on social news aggregation, so Reddit introduces itself as the “front page of the internet”.

Businesses have established themselves on Reddit often use that as a sort of internet forum.

The major functionality of Reddit is that people submit content and then other users downvote or upvote or that content, so the most popular threads rise to the top.

Reddit contains thousands of individual communities which organized around interests or topics.

For instance, r/politics only focuses on political news from worldwide.

Twitter users follow individual accounts to customize what kind of content displays in their feed.

In this platform, users subscribe to the communities of their choice.

Opening the Reddit homepage is like getting a snapshot of the internet’s most popular content, because of this voting system.

If you have a Reddit account, your own front page is customized to the topics and communities you care about.

Users on Reddit have the freedom to participate in any way they want, from to be active participants who submit topics or treating the platform as a news feed.

Some social media marketers love talking with potential customers and sharing original and high-value content.

If you can dive right into marketing to your target prospects, Reddit appears at first glance.

How to Market on Reddit


The users in Reddit communities have come together for some reasons like hobbies, social causes, or just fun and if you want to find success on this social platform, you have to really respect that.

You should adopt the following practices If you plan to market on Reddit:

  • At first, try to be a member

Few users trust an account of a brand-new user with no posts saves for the ones made to promote services or products.

Before you start marketing, try to be a genuine participant and immerse yourself in how things work.

  • Give more than you take.

Most Reddit communities ask only self-promote 20% of the time and contribute 80% of the time.

That ratio can go up or down, according to your target community and your content.

  • Post quality and original content and try to engage in a genuine way.

if you repurpose your daily Facebook post and dump it into a subreddit, you won’t find marketing success on Reddit.

You can unlock a new stream of fans for your brand if you can become a valuable, contributing member of the community.

  • Don’t use shills.

Redditors have seen Fake accounts, undisclosed paid sponsors, employee upvoting requirements, it makes them very angry when marketers try to pull one over on them.

You need to know that your target communities may have cultures of their own.

If you’re a member first and take an interest in the community you find to engage, that won’t be a problem.

You’ll pick up on the mannerisms and traditions of the subreddit with relative ease.

Find what kind of content gets the most interest, and known how to title and format your content for maximum effect.

For Instance, r/CatsStandingUp just permits photos of cats standing up.

Around 300,000 subscribers to this community just submit photos or other contents with the title “Cat.” and post replies with the text “Cat.” That’s it.

You’ll get downvoted out of viewing range instantly If you enter that community and do something different.

because Redditors are quick to ignore or remove obvious outsiders, we emphasize all of these oddities. They place a premium on the sanctity of their communities and the quality of their content.

Redditors know that if they’re not careful about maintaining community standards and moderating, their beloved corner of the internet could be overrun by users who only want to sell things.

How to Be Successful for Your Brand on Reddit

it’s helpful to follow this roadmap to start marketing your business on that.

Create an Account

First, you’ll need to create an account on Reddit.

Remember, picking a username that includes a brand keyword.

Everything will feel more authentic if you can attach a real person to your marketing activity.

To Receive Alerts Set Up a TrackReddit Account

When your chosen keywords or phrases are used on this platform, TrackReddit can send you alerts.

This helps you to jump in when people mention your brand and also to engage in conversations around the product types or the topics that are important to you.

Build Your Feed

The good place to start is the default front page.

Look at the suggested communities within a subreddit sidebar and do a Google search for “Reddit + [industry keywords]” to uncover smaller, more niche communities.


Daily on Reddit, browse your feed and view discussions.

Where you can contribute, start upvoting and adding comments.

Try to understand, the general average time when top posts are submitted and what kinds of content your target communities find engaging.

Improve Participation

Adopt a regular commenting cadence, before you start submitting original content.

You have to really contribute, spending the time to engage in discussions, answer questions.

Share Original and Unique Content

Generate a piece of content only for your target audience on Reddit, but if it doesn’t get a lot of attention don’t be upset.

As you know, every post on Facebook doesn’t go viral, so on Reddit, not every contribution will become a mega-hit.

If you get a few upvotes and a few positive comments, that’s a start.

Be Consistent

Reddit like other social media platform is not an instant ATM machine of ROI.

Continue being active and play the long game.

The next questions some brand typically have are relevant to volume and frequency.

There’s no great answer here.

Some users on Reddit are larger and more active than others.

Keep in mind, advanced organic marketing is using Reddit as a marketing platform, so you need to tap into your marketing experience to figure out the best plan of attack for your target audience.

Types of Reddit Content for Brands

This platform can be a home for any type of digital content, and that includes new types of digital content you might not have thought of yet.

It might find an audience on Reddit if you can link to it.

There is a set of content types that tend to get the most engagement on this platform.


This platform loves GIFs, including events, sports, animations, movie scenes, cute animals, and redubbing scenes from pop culture with inside Reddit jokes.

If your brand features any sort of action, you might find success with a GIF, They are the bite-sized versions of the video.


Usually, linking out to platforms like Vimeo or YouTube will create low engagement.

To be clear, you’ll likely see more engagement, if you can pull the best part of a video into a GIF and then link to the full source in the comments.


For initial engagement, images are mobile-friendly and require very little attention.

The picture needs to be interesting and you’re ahead of the game if you can find a way to include a cat or dog.


Many users on that succeed exclusively on text-based posts and discussions.

In the mobile age, that can sound counterintuitive, but many users on Reddit like thought-provoking discussions and in-depth content.


AMA stands for “ask me anything,” and these threads invite users on Reddit to ask people any question they want.

Brand or people with unique stories to tell or who have a large reputation find a lot of success with AMAs.


Reddit is a powerful hub for breaking news because of the speed of the internet.

In communities tied to time and sharing a piece of news can make you a hit.

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