Instagram listening


Instagram isn’t just a platform to post images anymore.

Social listening is a way to make smarter business decisions.

  • What does your audience expect from your market?
  • What are your view’ first opinions of your business?

The answers are easy if you’re listening for them.

It’s time to learn more about Instagram listening.

This post will guide to Instagram listening and it can help you reach your goals.

What is social listening?

Social listening has two processes.

First, you track channels of social media for mentions of your brand, product, competitors, and any keywords related to your industry.

After that, you analyze data and look for methods to put what you learn into action.

This action can be something as simple as responding to a customer.

The difference between social listening and monitoring is taking action in social listening.

Keep in mind that social monitoring just collects data.

What is Instagram listening?

Following conversations consider keywords, topics, brands and hashtags related to your business is the process of Instagram listening.

You can use those insights from to inform your social media strategy.

You can use insights from Instagram listening:

  • Confirm your overall business sentiment and health
  • Track the activity of your competitors
  • Identify partnerships, potential customers and influencers
  • Product decisions and Influence
  • Reveal industry trends and happenings

Brand by using social listening can better find out everything from industry insights to how to better help individual customers.

Instagram listening allows put some interactions like comments, mentions in shares into a context that helps brands grow.

Why Instagram listening is important?

For instance, you can look at a great example of how social listening can help your brand connect with customers.

Some Marketers such as TOMS manage to illustrate both needs for Instagram listening and the challenges.

TOMS respond to customer questions and concerns by using their Instagram.

As Instagram continues to grow, its status as a customer service hub will grow against the other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

TOMS show what customers want to see from their products and individual concerns.

Many users of this brand also are creating user-generated content on Instagram.

TOMS are likely keeping a close eye on which of their services or products are most popular among their base.

Keep in minds that Instagram listening is more than comments, @mentions, and #hashtags

As you know, it’s important to find out what Instagram listening is, but it’s very important to break down what Instagram listening isn’t.

Specifically, you need to know the difference between Instagram listening with Instagram monitoring.

The difference between Instagram listening and monitoring

Social media monitoring is the process or act of tracking comments, @mentions, and hashtags.

Therefore, this is something that marketers should do and a crucial aspect of listening is monitoring.

But while these interactions matter, they aren’t the be-all, end-all of the conversations happening on social media surrounding your brand.

For instance, consider that not any mention of your brand on Instagram contains a tag.

More powerful monitoring tools such as Sprout can allow you to pick up on such conversations to find out what audience and customers are saying beyond your mentions.

Consider about all the other hashtags and conversations in your business that might miss if you’re just looking without any tools for mentions of your campaign key terms or brand name.

If you use in-depth hashtag analytics tool, therefore your brand can see which tags get the audience talking and which tags can likewise allow them to expand their reach.

By using Instagram social listening, brands take feedback from the conversations and data points and translate them into action.

How does Instagram listening work?

Instagram listening contains creating queries according to your business, hashtags, location, and keywords related to your industry.

Some social media listening tools help to aggregate those specific conversations.

This means you can go deeper into the conversations of a customer without having to search by hand again and again.

Social listening goes with sentiment analysis.

In the other hands, how are people reacting to your market on Instagram?

Sentiment analysis will be able to directly inform what you need to do to better help customers and score more love from your followers on Instagram.

Instagram listening strategy

Keep in mind, understanding social listening on Instagram and how it works is just half the battle.

How do you turn observations and these metrics into action?

The social listening strategy of your brand ultimately related to your goals.

Running competitive analysis

Perhaps competitive analysis is one of the best uses of social listening.

Consider the beauty industry as an ultra-competitive markets where new products are popping up from brand to brand constantly.

If you want better position yourself in the face of hard competition, listening to tags and popular posts from other businesses in your space can help you.

Improving your products

To improving your own products and services, the better way is asking than your own customers.

Consider, not all feedback from your customers is going to be direct.

Although some might demonstrate comments, likes, and shares as mere vanity metrics.

They can be a valuable currency for identifying what your followers want to see.

Discovering potential customers

Social listening isn’t only about the customers you have, it’s identifying new ones, too.

Community-specific hashtags and Industry are a goldmine for discovering people who might be interested in your product.

This is true for folks who don’t know about your brand yet or might be looking for a new spot in your space.

Let’s think you’re a local restaurant in search of potential customers and foodies in your area.

Instagram is a treasure of potential insight and exposure regarding what prospective customers want.

Explore industry trends

For tracking industry trends, Social listening is invaluable.

it’s good to find out how your audience is responding to such trends to influence your own marketing campaigns.

Inform the content strategy of your brand

If you want to avoid copying your competition, Instagram listening is a good way.

For example, marketers and brands need to make different their tone, captions, and content calendar if they want to stand out on Instagram.

Effective listening allows you to identify trends and tags that your competitors might be missing out on and how you can fill the void.

Track your customer sentiment

Let’s think you’ve launched a campaign or new product.

Now, you want to know how your followers feel about it.

You may not get those answers from direct mentions, but chances are there is an audience out there who can supply a concrete answer.

Is your market on board with social listening on Instagram?

Undoubtedly one of the most important trends for social-savvy brands to watch in 2019 is Social listening.

According to the current rocket strapped to Instagram, this platform should be a top priority as far as listening goes.

Please allow us to hear from you,

How are you running Instagram Social listening?

Let us know in the comments.

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