How to build customer relationships with social media


You should know that customer experience has become a top priority for companies since the recent year.

Consumers build their insight into a brand on the meaningful moments they have with it.

Remember, those moments don’t happen on the service line or at the checkout page.

Social media has appeared as a vital touchpoint in building customer relationships.

Your channels on social media are more than a way to respond to complaints of your customers.

They’re how you create brand loyalty and connections.

Some Brands have just started to unlock the power of social media.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aren’t just for promotion.

Your Brand can also use them as a way to connect with your customers.

In this post, we will explain how to build customer relationships with social media

Building Customer Relationships

According to a recent report:

  • 91% of people believe in the power of social media to connect communities.
  • 78% of people want companies to provide people to connect through social media.
  • 76% of respondents were more likely to purchase a product from a brand they felt connected to on social media platform than a competitor.

This research found that building customer relationships on social media allowed companies to improve their bottom line.

When people felt connected to companies or brands, more than half improved their spending with that brand.

So, how do you start building these relationships?

Listen before you talk

Developing customer relationships is all about delivering value to your audience.

People will want to connect with you If you can provide informative, helpful or even entertaining content.

There are still lots of brands out there that tell this “what’s in social media for me?”.

Start by listening to your audience, If you’re ready to flip the script.

There are many social listening tools will provide you an overview of what your audience is talking about online.

From there, you can collect ideas, keywords, and inspiration to create meaningful material on social media.

You show your audience that you value their thoughts and feelings, while you create content that responds to your audience.

Make sure you’re listening because according to a study into call-out culture, about 55% of people who call out companies on social media just want to be heard.

Respond Immediately

The first piece of the puzzle is listening.

Keep in mind, you must respond to what you hear.

According to a report, around 32% of the audience expect a quick response within 30 minutes online.

When you are unable to address their concerns quick enough, therefore you could see your audience’ anger spread across social media platform.

Fortunately, there are some tools to provide you collect every message as they come in.

These tools will allow you to track what the audience is saying and respond with speed.

Speeding up the time of doing this process does more than just delight your customer

Respond quickly can also improve your revenue.

According to a report by Twitter show that some airlines responding to Tweets about 6 minutes or less earned customers willing to pay around $20 more per fare.

Fast responses provide not just the convenience and speed that people crave but also create your brand as one customer can trust and rely on when there’s a problem.

These are lots of benefits that customers are willing to pay for.

Customize Conversations

While responding immediately is important, a standard automated response may not be enough.

Bots can provide show your customer that you care about their issue, but you must follow up with human correspondence soon after.

Social media platform is an intimate method to connect with your customers.

It’s a platform where your followers also interact with family members and friends.

People expect their conversations with companies to be just as comfortable as a message to a friend.

For companies creating connections on social media, it makes feeling to embrace personalization.

When talking directly to your audience:

  • Remember, use their first name that you can find it from their profile
  • Sign off on comments with the company name or your team name
  • Your audience should know that you’re there for them.

Make sure you allow your audience to know you’re not going anywhere.

Allow them feeling so happy that they talked with your brand.

For example, when the customers found a way to solve their problem, but your brand must be stayed engaged and showed that they’re available regardless.

Display Your Human Side

When you’re talking one-on-one with customers, don’t reserve your unique personality.

People can showcase their style and tone of voice in social media platforms.

it’s very important to give your brand a heart since human beings connect with other humans, not just faceless corporations.

There are lots of methods to show off your human side when creating customer relationships on social media. For example:

  • Use photos, bios, names, and stories to introduce people to your staff.
  • Make your messages fun and friendly and use emoji if it fits your brand.
  • Your customers are interested in some trends and discussions, so take part in them.

The video is another great tactic to show your human side.

Direct insight into your team and people is a video.

You can even deliver an unfiltered view of your brand with streaming features like Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

If you want to demonstrate your transparency as a brand, this is an excellent opportunity.

Try using video for behind the scenes, Q&A sessions with team members and more.

Reward Your Followers

While creating customer relationships shouldn’t mean always bribing your audience, it’s worth showing them how much you admire them.

Keep in Mind, your followers are choosing you over all the other companies and brands out there. That shows a little love.

Competitions and contests are a great way to reward people.

Asks people to vote on their favorite product through a Stories Poll by running an Instagram campaign.

Allow customers to share photos that also highlight your products with a Facebook contest.

Not only will you create buzz around your company, but you can learn something too.

Through a client of the month post, your brand can show your appreciation of your customers.

This type of content helps to demonstrate how your product contributed while also emphasize your customers’ achievements.

Make The Most of Feedback

Your brand can receive more positive comments than negative ones with a little luck while listening to customers on social.

Sometimes, there’s a chance that you’ll find someone that’s unhappy with your brand.

Appreciate them for what they are, rather than trying to sweep these negative issues under the rug. They’re excellent for creating customer relationships on social media.

According to a study into call-out culture shows that about 70% of customers go to social media to raise awareness of an issue.

Your followers want you to know what’s going wrong with your brand, services or products so that you can fix it.

Respond instantly to these pain points that your customers have, and also you could transform the unhappiest audience into brand advocates.

All it takes is one good experience to remind your followers of what they love about your business.

Keep in mind, try the right tools to track and monitor mentions of your business even from users who aren’t directly @mentioning or tagging you.

Delight Followers with Something Unexpected

Have you ever received a surprise gift from a loved one or a friend?

After a tough day at work, maybe your partner brought you some flowers.

These small gestures generate a world of difference to our relationships.

It’s the identical with businesses.

Always search for ways to go the extra mile, when you’re creating connections on social media.

Treat your customers on your active social media platform, by providing them access to exclusive discounts, events or promotions.

Your followers will appreciate it even more if they feel like it’s an exclusive, because everyone loves a deal.

Sometime, offering additional support before your follower even asks for it, going the extra mile means.

Keep in mind, going above and beyond for your followers can takes more effort in the short-term.

However, you’ll benefit from a stronger brand and happier customers in the long-term.

Embrace user generated content

Finally, there are few things more important than respect when it comes to building customer relationships.

You need your followers to see that you value their opinion, If you want your consumers to be loyal to your brand.

Maybe the easiest tactic to do this is with user-generated content.

Your brand can show that you take views and ideas of your followers into account when building your brand by using user-generated content.

If you want to build your social proof and generate sales, user-generated content is also a great way.

According to a case-study, user-generated photos are about five times more likely to convert customers.

Ask your customers for ideas on what your business should do next, perhaps the best way to use UGC.

Your followers will feel more invested in them because they played a part, when you bring your followers’ ideas to life.

How do you use social media to create connections with your customers?

Allow us to know in the comments.

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