Gary Vaynerchuk, master of social media guidelines

Gary Vaynerchuk


If you follow big companies on social media then you are definitely familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk and his works, but are you really? The answer is both yes and no. you might not know him but you know his work; he is a top advisor for social approach and worked with multiple top class and big name companies.

But who is Gary Vaynerchuk? That’s the question we want to answer here in this article to show you why this entrepreneur is a great example for all startup leaders all around the world.

Early life

Gary Vaynerchuk born in east Europe in Belarus on 1975. His family migrated to United States in late 80 and that’s when his path stared to change. He had a big family with 5 brothers and sisters and they lived in a small apartment in New York. After sometimes, they moved to New Jersey. He started his business venture there and made his first capital using baseball card trading. He did this when he was 14 and that alone shows his passion and brilliance for business. Soon after that he joined Mount Ida College and got his degree there back at 1998.

From online sale to media agency

He didn’t wait for long after graduation and joined his father’s business. He renamed his father’s discount system and named it Wine library.  He expanded this system into a full media scale media system about wine and byproducts.

He used different approaches such as email marketing and e-commerce to get new level of results.  After sometimes he turned his 3 million dollar business into a giant and multiplied the value of Wine Library 20 times to make a 60 million dollar business in 2005.

Later on he founded a media advertisement agency with his brother on 2009 and He finally stepped down from this category on 2011. But he did not sell his part and only stayed away from direct management. Now this business which is called   Vayner Media, has more than 100 million annual revenue and more than 600 people are working there.

He invested in a lot of companies and biggest names among them are twitter and Facebook. He also turned Vayner into a multi branch system and started working in sport, RSE as well.

His later works were more software oriented but still with media approach. He started planet of Apps for apple, a TV show about applications on apple product. He also worked on multiple tv shows such as #AskGaryVee Show, Wine Library TV and DailyVee.

When pen is at hand

Gary Vaynerchuk is the author of multiple books as well. He wrote Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion and received a huge amount of attention from this book. This book became a best seller on wall street journal and made him write his second book titled Thank You Economy. His third book was a hit as well and this book was called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World. He still writes and works as an entrepreneur and that’s why you can follow him on social media to  learn from this great mind.

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