Pat Flynn, from architect to entrepreneur

Pat Flynn, from architect to entrepreneurship

There is no denying g that media has a major boosting effect on startups. Having a great platform to reach the audience is a blessing for any startup and people like Pat Flynn are making this blessing available for more than few. In this article we will take a look at his life and the road he took as an entrepreneur to change the world of media as we know it.

Life as it goes

Life has a plan for all of us and maybe we don’t want to carryon that plan to get somewhere new. This story is about Pat Flynn, the man who started in a normal path but ended up in a magnificent one. He born in 1982 in a normal family in USA. His life was good and normal and he decided to do what most of us do: join the college, study hard and become and employee.

His plan was successful and he finished his studies and graduated from University of California as an architect and got a decent job. But this normal life was not meant to be for him and he eventually lost his job in 2008.

Most of us would have felt broken ad defeated but he stood up and started his own life from scratch. This decision made him one of the best people in podcast world.

Flynndustries LLC

He started his own podcast system called Flynndustries LLC. This system was a revolutionary way in podcast and made this media a great platform for startups to shine. He started many startups under his wings in Flynndustries LLC which some of the most important ones among them are Green Exam Academy, Create A Clickable Map, Security Guard Training HQ and Food Truckr.

His podcasts was so great and effective that he find his way to the top extremely fast. He even managed to get in the list of top 25 marketing influencers of 2017 by Forbs. Right now his podcast system is one of the top 10 podcasts in business category on iTunes and hundred thousands of audiences are waiting for his performance all over the world.

If you want to know more about Pat Flynn then you can refer to his website on‌  or become his follower in social media networks. He will definitely give you some great insights about business as a startup.

Pat Flynn is a great example for people who fail. His life showed us that failing is not falling and we can raise and shine even when the sky seems to be grey.

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