And the winner of the most innovative startup if the year is Fizyr


There are thousands of startups in the world and some of them are copycats and some are pioneering the industries with their innovations. Being innovative is not something that stays in appreciated for long and that’s why we have competitions such as postal pitch startup competitions. This year as usual, we have seen some great companies compete in this competition and the final winner and the most innovative company was a startup from netherland called Fizyr.

This startup is working on robotics and automation systems and uses machine learning in a very productive way. They are focusing on parcel storing and delivery and in order to get the best results out of space and time they have within reach, they’ve decided to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to make a great impact on the whole industry.

Now they have won the annual postal pitch’s award as the most innovative company of the year and this is a great result for all their efforts. In the first round of this competition, a long list of candidates got shortened to 16 by judges and then in the next round which was a day long competition, Fizyr and other rivals showed what they got to finally reveal the winner.

Each company gave a 5 minute presentation before the final reveal o the winner and obviously Fizyr was not the clear winner as we had many great startups with high rate of innovation and amazing works. Chairman of postal pitch, Mr. Bernhard Bukovc, chairman, Postal seem to be satisfied with this year’s event. He expressed this event like this: “Post and logistics companies have to be innovative, agile and develop services and solutions that correspond to the changing demands of their customers. It is increasingly important to survey the markets for new technologies and innovative solutions and identify the startups and game-changers that can provide them.”

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