How a Remote Tech Team would Work out well for Your Startup?

Remote Tech Team
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It’s an obvious fact that the team is the sole foundation of any startup business. If anyone wants to start a startup business, then he or she shall not neglect the importance of Building a formidable team as a beating heart and core of their startup. Based on these simple unwritten rules, entrepreneurs usually allocate a huge amount of time and effort on recruiting people whom not only fill up knowledge base and technical needs but fit into their systems culture as well.

Remote Tech Team in IT startups

In case of IT startups, we have a different situation at hand. In any traditional business, people will work in a certain time span and usually their work is limited to a physical work space, but in IT industry we have distance working concept. For example any programmer can sit on their computer and work on their codes as long as they can. This can happen anytime and anywhere but it won’t end there, implementation, support, overhaul and maintenance and such these tasks are applicable for distance working as well. So if we can’t find right people in our area, we might think of having a remote team to work on our projects (usually IT core) form any place in the world. But there is a catch: outsourcing may cause more financial stress on founders and it works well only if you have a semi complete tech team in your startup.

There are tips which makes this business style, work. First of all we can’t use newly graduated people or freshers to outsource our work because it needs experience to handle long distance working system. Also we shall not make an outsource team and they shall be considered as individuals.

Merits and risks

There are advantages such as access to bigger talents by using a remote tech team. This might be national or international (based on your company needs and local laws and regulaions) and hence you have a higher chance on finding the right person. But since they are not physically involved in your startup, communication is the most important key to manage them.

You have to maintain a high level of effective communication and consider the differences between talking to an employee in the office and communicating with a remote techy. When people are working outside of your office, you don’t know their workflow and like many, you might use a software like slack to track their workflow; this might end up in a big misunderstanding. S what is the solution to this seemingly problematic situation? In these cases you can use your CTO’s help. At the same time you should always remember that developing an application in remote working style may take longer than developing it in your own office.

Based on these facts, you shall proceed with caution when it comes to Remote Tech Team. Let your customers be in touch with your remote tech team time to time. They can directly explain their needs to them and it might resolve many further complications. But remember, if you want to have a remote team in your startup, a clear communication is a must. You can control the risk by keeping these points in your mind and use numerous advantages of outsourcing in the process.

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