Top 10 startup companies of Germany

Top 10 startup companies of Germany

In our series of top 10 startup companies, we have traveled to India and north America and a little bit to the west Europe in UK, today we want to get back to Europe with one of the finest countries when it comes to industrial management. Well, they say that Germany is a country made of machines, people are extremely efficient there and everything works just like clockwork and that’s why they are very successful. So this description is a great thing for startups and that’s why we see a lot of startup companies in this country. As the matter of fact, Germany has close to 2 thousand startup companies actively working there and today we want to give you our pick for Top 10 startup companies of Germany.  So fasten your seat belt for a ride into perfection because these startups are not only among the best in Germany but they are among the best in the whole world f startups too.

10- JustWatch

Well we all love internet and it has brought us joy and fun at a whole new level and JustWatch is a startup that makes this joy double. Many of us spend hours and hours watching streams of videos online but the number of streaming channels is growing and we may not be aware of their existence. So people came up with the idea of JustWatch as a search engine for streams and it works very well which turned this startup into a great and successful company. so sit there, search for stream and just watch the amazing world out there.

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9- reBuy

Top 10 startup companies of Germany

Yes, the name got us as well because it sounds and looks like ebay but despite the similarities; reBuy has its own ground to cover. This startup is all about buying and selling electronic stuff and users can use it as a marketplace to get access to all electronic goodies they may need. You can find all kind of electronic stuff there, from old school and classic to cutting edge and modern and searching and getting connected to people is so simple that makes you addicted to using this startup services in no time and that is why they are among Top 10 startup companies of Germany.

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8-  EyeEm

It’s  a great, professional and effectively build startup. EyeEm is a professional photography company but they have built their business based on computer vision technology. Now days they have a he community behind themselves and work very well. That one of many reasons supporting their presence in our list for top 10 startup companies of Germany.

Their community are constantly sharing their knowledge and new techniques are developed there as fast as you reading this article and they will keep on growing in the future.

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Well the name is telling us what it does and it is self explanatory. This is a great online marketplace for people who want to meet the customers and customers who are looking for merchants to deal with them online. It’s simple design has made it very popular by all type of business in Germany.

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6- Lieferheld

Here we a have a momber of our Top 10 startup companies of Germany for people who love food. Food is important and time is more important than that, so what’s better than having a platform to order the food online and get the delivery as fast as possible? That’s exactly what Lieferheld is doing and it is very popular in Germany because of its simplicity and great offers for customers. Its fair to say that restaurants are getting more and more customers using Lieferheld and customers get more options as well.

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5- Blinkist

Getting professional insight from people with wisdom is a little bit hard to find but it is very handy and that’s why Blinkist is a great startup. They brought a huge amount of insights for people who need them. So technically we can say that they have earned their place in our Top 10 startup companies of Germany. They have more than one thousand 500 profesional insights to offer and it means that they can make you a better business man or even human no matter who you are and what you are doing for life. Blinkist is something for all and we all can use their services on daily basis.

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4- Jimdo

Website is a very important part of today’s business management and if you want to build a website without getting into trouble of design and coding phase than we suggest you to go for Jimdo. It is a great startup company that let you design and launch a fully online website with ease and in no time you will have your business growth picked higher than before.

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3- Babbel

Being bilingual is amazing. The world s getting smaller day by day and we see businesses grow global without any problem so it’s fair to say that we all need new languages to cover this new ground. If you want to learn a second language such as Italian or French or Spanish then you can use Babbel as a great startup to learn these new things online with ease. Their services are simple, effective and efficient and they definitely deserve to be on this list.

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2- ResearchGate

Research is a great part of science and people need to be able to get more and more of knowledge these days. If you want to search for research papers and get the latest things scientists have discovered then you can use Research Gate to get access to what you need. They are among Top 10 startup companies of Germany because they have done their business so well and polished that they got accepted by people extremely fast.

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Top 10 startup companies of Germany

This startup company is all about nature. They plant trees based on the amount of web search and since they are a search engine then you can find your answers there and make the world a whole lot greener at the same time so this is a win win deal not only for residence of Germany but for all people in the world.

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As always, if you think that there is a company that deserves to be in this list and we have missed it then please let us know and on the other hand try to leave us a comment and give us your feedback and opinion on this series of articles so far and let us progress by being kind and share your thoughts with us.

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