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Social tools are not just about giving people a voice, but giving them a way to collaborate contribute and connect – John Stepper

There are many brands that are using Twitter. They set up an account and start tweeting. If you are a person who tweets for fun, this random approach is fine but for your business, you need Twitter Marketing Strategy

Don’t be blinded by the shiny new Twitter tool, it needs to be used in the right way and if you put in place a planned strategy, it will deliver results that will amaze you.

Twitter is a sharp marketing tool when you use that by a great digital marketing strategy.

This post will highlight Twitter as one of your vital tools in your marketing strategy and how to ensure that more people engage with your Twitter business account.

Twitter Marketing Strategy Blueprint

1. Determine Target Audience

Choosing your target audience is the first step in creating your Twitter marketing strategy. Choosing an audience to target on Twitters is not the same as choosing your market in a traditional setting. When you’re trying to determine the target people you want to reach on Twitter, answer a couple of questions:

  • Whom does your product appeal to? A video games company target single men, ages 15 to 30.
  • Whom do you care about? You’re building relationships in the Twitter environment, So, In the case of the video game company, this may be the man who is waiting for a new game to be released outside a store.

2. Define Goals and Objectives

When you define a goal on Twitter, in fact, you are telling yourself what you want to get out of Twitter. This goal should be related to your overall business objectives, and it should be something that matters. The goal of new followers should contribute to the business in a meaningful way by encouraging the new ones to make purchases or share positive word-of-mouth experiences with their own followers. You must decide what you are trying to achieve with your Twitter business channel. Some examples of the types of goals you may want to achieve:

  • Increase in traffic to your business blog
  • Improvement of customer service
  • Increase in sales
  • Engagement with customers that include conversations, getting them to click on your links in your tweet
  • Increase in Twitter followers
  • Promotion of the brand

One goal strategy is to create goals S.M.A.R.T. that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

Let’s take a look at a S.M.A.R.T. goal for Twitter:

  • Specific: State exactly what you hope to accomplish with the campaign. For example, increase Twitter followers by 15% to raise awareness about the summer campaign.
  • Measurable: Measuring success by clear metrics. If your followers grow from 400 to 475, there was a 15% increase and the goal was met.
  • Achievable: Don’t expect followers to grow rapidly overnight, if they have grown slowly in the past.
  • Relevant: A common key objective is to increase brand awareness and by growing followers, this equates to improving awareness about a brand and specific campaign.
  • Time-bound: Goals can be as short as daily or long quarterly so a goal needs a specific time period on it.

An example of a S.M.A.R.T. goal:

To increase followers on our Twitter page by 25% to raise awareness for our summer offer from July 1 to July 31, 2015.

3. Achieve Goals on Twitter by Designing, Developing and Implementing Tactics

You set out some goals in your strategy, but to achieve them you need to design Twitter marketing strategy Tactics. Here are a few examples of these Tactics to match some goals for the blog. Two common goals that are generic for most Twitter marketing strategy for bloggers is to increase Twitter followers and gain traffic to your blog

Tactics for Increasing Your Twitter Followers

  • Add “Follow me on Twitter” Buttons on your blog, in emails, newsletters
  • Find people and Follow them in your category using the Twitter “Yellow Pages” tool and find the followers of top bloggers in your industry using the tool and follow them

Tactics for Increasing Traffic to the Blog

  • Tweet your best posts automatically on a regular basis using tools like
  • Send power Tweets that improve engagement by 450% by signing up to and using “Power Tweet” feature
  • Put your tweet into the lists audience are monitoring on their Twitter apps such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite and use Hashtags in your tweets too

Other Tactics

To achieve a variety of goals, there are a range of other Twitter marketing strategy tactics you can implement

  • If some people think you are relevant to a topic they are interested in they put you on a Twitter list, so increase the Number of Twitter Lists, you are on
  • Improving engagement on Twitter means having more conversations “one to one” on the public channel or the private messaging with “Direct Messages”. These tactics could be activities such as
  • Answer questions audience ask you on Twitter
  • Ask questions of your Twitter followers
  • Recognize people on Twitter who retweet your blog posts. These are just a few of the many tactics you could implement

4. Monitoring and Measuring

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that is challenging the way we communicate, with whom we communicate and perhaps most fundamentally how we (Marketers) influence people.

The data that Twitter produces, especially as your Twitter follower count grows, challenges your ability to manage the noise. So real challenge is managing and monitoring that stream.

Twitter’s API has provided third-party software developers with the opportunity to implement a range of tools to add deeper functionality to Twitter. These “apps” for monitoring, enhancing efficiency for managing multiple Twitter accounts, updating to other Social Media Platforms as well as measuring Twitter can be of great help to tweet users.

Monitoring is not hardcore metrics and is not easy to measure as measuring as you need to be checking for sentiment whether positive or negative. They are what you call the subjective soft metrics that are subjective. Some Twitter apps for managing your Twitter data where you can monitor different lists, streams and searches include and


Monitoring is looking at the comments and feedback you are receiving publicly or privately on Twitter. These are soft metrics and to ensure that the tone is positive and engaged you will need to manually read and monitor this feedback. Routinely check your “@mentions” to see what is being said.


To measure your Twitter marketing strategy success, there are a few Twitter measuring apps you should have in your toolbox that will give you the metrics you need.

5. Choose what you share

You must share a variety of content on Twitter. Twitter supports a lot of different media formats that can be embedded right in your tweet, including:

  • Text: This simple type of tweet is great for updates, news, and asking your followers questions.
  • Photos: improve your message with an image that will put an impact to your tweet. This type of content stands out more, getting more impressions and more engagements on your content.
  • Video: A picture’s worth a thousand words, a video would speak millions. This format if integrated into your message could work wonders to put your message in front of the right followers.
  • Slideshares: Slideshare is a visual information, you can present a ton of content in an easy to digest way.
  • Links: If you have a valuable content that lives outside of Twitter and can’t be embedded, a regular link will do the trick. Add a hashtag to empower its reach, and give a clear idea of what the link is leading to.

6. Promoting your content

If Twitter is used in the right way, it can drive a great amount of traffic to your website. However, just tweeting the title of the blog post with a link back to your website every time isn’t going to work.

You need to be creative when tweets to promote your blog posts. Here are some methods to get more clicks on your tweets:

  • Keep it short: just write a brief intro – as enough as a reader knows what to expect when you’re promoting.
  • Quote your post: The quote must be precise and give a good idea of what the post is about.
  • Include statistics: People ‘favorite are facts and figures. Use Twitter analytics that supports the arguments you’re making in your content.
  • #hashtags: A great way to reach members of your industry who don’t follow you is Hashtag, you must use branded hashtags and encourage others to use it.
  • @mentions: If your post mentions any industry influencers, etc., make sure to mention them in your promotions. There’s a great chance they’ll share it too, so you’ll reach their whole audience.
  • Ask for a share: Getting your tweets retweeted is a good practice. Simply ask the audience of your tweet to retweet the post. Tweets that ask for the retweet are pretty likely to get them.
  • Promote your tweets: Promoted tweets will exposure than what you’re getting from everything above, with just a small investment. Promoted tweets are easy to create and can bring you a lot of traffic.
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