When wisdom comes with clarity


We have talked about a huge variety of tools here in startupik but I believe that the best tool that we can get is in the form of something much older than startup and computer era: advices. Today we want to introduce you to a tool than can bring you amazing advices for your startup business so today’s tool which called clarity is almost useful for every living soul in the world of startup and business.

What is clarity?

Clarity is a platform that brings professional advices for people. Just imagine that you have a startup and you have the freedom to talk to anyone and get hints and experience from them, in such case we all love to talk to experts in business, security and … so if this dream looks sweet for you then we have some good news for you: Clarity does exactly this for you guys.

We can simply say that Clarity is an on Demand Business Advice system for Entrepreneurs, especially for people in startup field of work. In other words, this tool is a marketplace in which you as an entrepreneur can connect with highly rated industry experts and advisors in order to learn a lot of things from them. This new things can be new set of skills, ways to perform research on market level, or even a simple yet important and strategic advice about your business and ways to grow it.

How much you have to pay for Clarity services?

This system will give you different options to go for and different experts are available to get their expert view for your business. This means that you can manage your payment based on what you need.

If that sounds a little confusing then let us clarify things a little bit. You can get advice from a decent expert for around 2-3 US dollars per minute but if you want to get information from amazingly well known people such as the legendary mark Cuban then you have to pay more than 150$ per minute.

There are more than 30 thousand experts available to you in order to get their advices and use it so if you want to go and set the cost of advice based on a specific budget then you have total freedom. These people are not located in one place only and they have a great knowledge about business in different parts of the globe. So go on and use clarity to improve your business and your skills.


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