Steve Chen the man who gave us legendary YouTube

Steve Chen

YouTube is god father of video streaming and we all spend hours and hours of our time in this website. YouTube is so popular these days that some compare it with a black hole (once you enter for a video, you don’t know when you will come out and what kind of video you will see along the way) so today we want to dive deep into this amazing website and see its root and introduce you to Steve Chen, the man who founded YouTube.

Early days

Steve Chen is from Taiwan and born on 1978 in East Asia. He stayed in him born place for only 8 years and then moved to USA with his family and continued his studies and got graduated from school. Sometime after that, he joined University of Illinois and two years after start of the new century, Steve Chen became a young and fresh computer science graduated, hungry for rising phenomenon called internet.

A trio and YouTube

Steve Chen started his work at the famous financial service company, Paypal. His work there had a huge impact on his future because he met Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim there. These three young people had ambitious plans for their life and for the world.

This trio made it out of Paypal some months after Steve Chen joined there and they did it with a great plan in their head. They have made the first version of YouTube and made history. Chen stated working as CTO of YouTube and in less than a year, got his name in the list of top 50 important people in business by Business 2.0.

YouTube started a little bit hard and then bloomed into a giant and this improve caught the eyes of Google people and hence YouTube became a part of Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion US dollars and Chen received a huge amount of money for his shares.

After that he started AVOS Systems and to prove that he wonmt run out of ideas that easy. It’s also fair to mention that Steve Chen worked for Facebook at their early days and it makes him worked with two giants of internet era: Google and Facebook. We suggest you follow Steve Chen in social media because he has a lot of interesting tweets and speeches and you can learn a huge amount of stuff from these free sources so don’t miss it.

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