Alexis Kerry Ohanian, citizen Kane of startups and reddit man

Alexis Kerry Ohanian

Alexis Kerry Ohanian is an American entrepreneur which is mostly known for his presence in media activities (reddit) and news publishing websites. He is still very young and many of us can relate to him in many ways and that’s why in this article we are going to show you a glimpse of his life on the path of becoming a great startup founder.

A Not so American American

Alexis Kerry Ohanian born on 1983 in a migrant family. His father was half Armenian half American and her mother was from Germany. This led Alexis Kerry Ohanian to a new dimension of perspective and perhaps played a key role in his future.

He raised with his family until he was old enough to join college and got his degree from university of Virginia. It was on this time that he met with his friend called Steve Huffman and they came up with some brilliant ideas.

From rejection to shine

Alexis Kerry Ohanian and Huffman polished their idea and made the idea of my mobile menu and took to some investors but they got rejected by them in the harshest way. After that, they did not yield and decided to come up with another idea that can actually get interest from investors.

After some time and spending hours of thinking and planning, they came up with the idea which we know today as reddit. They have started Reddit project as fast as they could but windy tides of life were about to come to Alexis Kerry Ohanian’s life.

After working on reddit for some time, he received two news that can break any man from within. First of all he heard that his wife fell from 5th floor and I in coma and right after that, another sad news came to him: doctors have found a tumor in his mother’s body and these two caused some delay in his progress but never stopped him.

Mayor of the internet

Alexis Kerry Ohanian worked hard to make reddit what it is today and that’s why Forbs magazine titled him as the mayor of the internet. This alone shows that chairman of reddit is a key face in today’s digital world and knowing that he got rejected multiple times, faced loss of the loved ones and many other hardships will make us realize that you have to be tenacious and persistence in order to make the things go your way in business.

Right now Alexis Kerry Ohanian is married to famous tennis player Serena Williams and works as an investor to help people like himself to shine.

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