Lever, a great answer to recruiting problems


Usually most of startups, start with a handful of starting members but this won’t last long and they have to turn into a full scale startup ecosystem and this needs man force. So you need to recruit personal for your company and this may lead to hard times for you but there is a tool which can help you ease up that process and this tool is called lever.

What can Lever do? That’s a question we cannot fully answer ere but we will show you some parts of their facilities and services. For more information you can go to their website and spend some time there to learn more.

Automation and pace

You can make your recruiting process a whole lot easier if you have an automated system and that’s exactly what Lever will bring for you. This tool is easy to make automation a satisfactory system. It can do things like managing your Email drip campaigns and control Custom careers page. At the same time this automation system can take care of Job board distribution using techniques such as 2-way email sync.it has an easy Book interview scheduling and Interview kits and feedback reminders which are amazingly useful.

So you going to have an amazing pace in your recruiting process. Lever has amazing API systems and that’s why you have a great deal of freedom in making it useful inside your system and turn it into a part your own user interface.

Interview and data control

So here we go with the most obvious act in recruitment process: interview. It allow you make end to end recruiting process in an easy way. You have to spend minimum time to plan your interviews and make use of your time at its best.

But this is not the only thing that makes your time saved. You can use great data control and analysis tools that can help you a lot saving time, energy and most important of all, avoiding human errors in data analysis.

You can visualize your data and make them understandable for other people as well. Then you can use these data to make strategic decisions with more accuracy and precision. So as we have said earlier, these are only some of what we call an amazing tool and there are tons of other stuff and services which you can discover by yourself but believe us that Lever can be a big help for you in case of management.


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