Aeva, a self-driving startup born from minds of former apple people


We all know the name apple, we use its products on daily basis and believe in its quality and this trust came from hard work of thousands of masterminds behind the scene sometimes these people stay in apple for a long long time and sometimes they make their own page of history and the latest one is the case for people behind a new startup called Aeva.

This startup is founded by a couple of former apple employees in USA. Their work is exactly based on combining some of the well-known sensors for autonomous cars to make a real driverless experience for customers.

They have combined technologies such as LiDAR, Radar, machine vision and high accuracy motion sensing and made an amazing package to make driverless experience smoother than ever. Aeva was founded last year and in this short amount of time, they were able to rise a huge 45 million$ found and right now they have more than 50 ambitious people working on their projects.

How Aeva want to implement their systems in real world?

They have analyzed market and came up with some ideas on this regard as well. The result is that Aeva and it will work with ride hailing systems in the first stage of their progress as a startup. They will integrate their systems inside these cabs to make them driverless and the fleet will be all around US soon.

Founders of Aeva are Soroush Salehian and Mina Rezk and they were both working with apple on their high level projects. Salehian seems to be the face of the company and he expresses the current state of Aeva like this: “Creating a fundamentally new technology like this has required building a special team with a diverse range of expertise across LiDAR, radar, cameras, automotive design and supply chain, machine learning software, and large volume manufacturing, Once there’s a lot of sensors on road, they start interfering with each other, getting blinded and not measuring accurately. Our system is completely immune to interference from other sensors, and sunlight. Our mission is safe, simple and scalable sensing technology.”

Apple is working on driverless cars as well and it raises some questions about the reason why they did not stayed with apple and when journalist ask them the same thing, Salehian explained their motivations like this:  “We are passionate about the transport space, and we wanted to do something about the pace of the industry. We want to make a generational leap that’s not just good in performance, but costs little money and offers ways of seeing the world that has not been seen before.”

So it seems like Aeva has the potential on becoming the next billion$ startup. If you have any other information about this new startup or eve an opinion on their projects then please leave us a comment down below.


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