Why angry customers are your best source of feedback

angry customer

There are happy customers that we all want to have all the time, there are some neutral ones who have some certain degree of don’t giving any feedback and impression and there are some others who are always seem to be furious about you, your team and your product and services. The last group is what we call angry customers from now on and they are the true resources of feedback and learning point for you so today we want to talk about how you can get as much benefit as you can from these group of people and teach you some methods that may turn them on your side.

Why angry customers are angry?

There might be a dozens of reasons behind appearance of an angry customers and this is up to you to make a way for them to express their anger and the reason behind this anger. If you want to categorize the main reasons behind their dissatisfaction then you can say there are 3 general types of angry customers. Type one are the people with tendency toward your rivals. A great example of this case is fan boys for mobile companies or gaming consoles. They want to wreck their favorite system rival company in order to prove themselves right. In here we have to say that we don’t consider any one who just trash talks on social media as an angry customer but to be a true one, a customer should come directly to you and expresses its anger toward you. If some little boys or girls are talking in Instagram about their favorite phone and you get tagged with some nasty words then you can ignore it but when a keyword or a hash tag gets trendy about you then you should act.

The second group of angry customers is people who are not happy from your product or service to begin with. They have just joined your customer base and they have certain problems with your system and product. They are usually either misunderstood your work or have some key point for you.

The third and last group of angry customers is people who have stayed with you for long but right now they are unsatisfied with you. These people are the best source of information you can get out there.  They know what you want, they know your history and they know what they want from you and it makes them an amazing source of information to get amazing feedback.

So each one of them may give you some information about the current state that you are standing and you may be aware of it or you may not even have a clue about what’s going on. In all cases they are the guiding lights on your way to success and salvation (businesswise) so you always have to consider them.

Why angry customers are important for you?

The first group is always focused on you to get some problems and put it in your face with all their might. They can act as a source of information from outside view of your company. When you are involved in your work then you can’t look from the outside to the inside and this is not a great feat for your overall view in long term. You need people who can look at you from the outside and tell you what is ugly about you without even hesitating for a second so this group of angry customers can be exactly what you want in this case.

The second group is people on the line, they are some part with you and some part outside and this gives them a new perspective to give you an idea about what can bring the new customers and what can make them go away before becoming a permanent fan.

The third group is all about expectation. Then you have an angry customer who was your loyal fan for years and now he is unhappy with you then you had some major issues on analyzing what your customers want from you and your company. They are the real reasons you exist today and it is your duty to give them what they expect from you. They are the real insiders with some specific expectations that was not met by your products or services recently and the way they express their anger to you is almost equivalent to giving you warning that if you don’t correct this then I will leave but if you fix it then I love to stay with you.

As you can see these angry customer type analyze your company and its products and services in 3 different levels and that’s why you should always consider all these 3 types as a great source of information. If you neglect one group then you have missed on point of view toward your company. But remember that you should draw a fine line between angry customers and enemies. An enemy will never give you any feedback and they just want to talk behind your back but an angry customer will express his or her reason and you can learn a lot from them.

How can we turn an angry customer into a loyal one?

The first step is letting them express their feelings. Don’t hammer any opposite view just because it is against you. Be polite, have patients, listen to what they want to say until they finish and then you can make this work smoothly on your way. Let them cool and blow their steam first and after that go for explanation. In this way you can analyze what they want to say and find out where they are right about the whole thing or they even may have been misguided or misunderstood some part of it. You have to listen and analyze at the same time in order to come back with proper response. There is no shame in asking for more time but don’t make it too long. It will help you with a lot of things that you may have to sort out or check before coming up with the answer.

The very first rule is acceptance, accept what angry customers have to say and then let them know and assure them that you will root out what they have pointed. In this case they will feel that they can expect a return and you respect them and their point of view. Always ask for their contact information and return to them as soon as possible. This may help you with two things: first of all you can rectify the problem and secondly you will have a mailing list of customers after some time.

The next step is analyzing. Take things seriously even if they don’t look that much of a deal They might be a leaf on the surface with a huge root deep within and you always have to be thankful from these people who are willing to give their feedback for free.

Always put a section for feedback in your website and have an Email address available to customers so angry customer can give feedback to you.  Even if you can afford it then start a call center to answer the people 24 hours a day. The other free way to get feedback from these people and that’s social media hubs. They are free and fast and people are easy working with them.

On the other hand never ever forget about checking thee feeds and always monitor them in regular basis. You know what can make angry customer mad? Giving feedback and getting ignorance instead of answer so always be prepare for quick action and then your answer may even solve their problem and turn them into your faithful fans.


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