Advantages of crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is a mostly popular way of gaining capital for startups but is it a good thing or its problems are more than its advantages? In this article we will take a look at advantages of crowdfunding to give you a better chance to analyze is it good for you or not, so here we go.

It centralize you communications

You always want to have access to people related to your business and its better to have them in a centralized package so what’s better than crowdfunding? You will have all of the mentioned communications merits in one whole package. If the invest in your business then don’t worry, they won’t go far that much.

You won’t have to give your equity away

Equity is an important type of asset for companies and that’s why we need to keep it as much as we can. If you need fund then unfortunately you can have to give some of your equity away but there is another way: crowdfunding. So you won’t have to give your equity away and that’s why crowdfunding is an amazing thing.

You can test the market with minimum risk

This one is simple, people who fund you are a sample of your market so its right to say crowdfunding is a market test with minimum risk.

Right people will fund you

People who fund you in crowdfunding are people who are really interested in your product and they are exactly what you call right people for your business and guess what? They will come to you by crowdfunding.

It will move you

If you invest yourself then you will try and struggle but you know that in case of trouble, only you will lose your money. On the other hand when you have crowdfunding then you will be moved more because you have to answer to your investors and it’s an advantage for people who like challenges.

Builds a market for you

As we have mentioned, crowd who fund your product will face people who liked your product and when you like something then you will advise others to use it as well. They will create market and this is a great advantage of crowdfunding.

Money money money

You can get a lot of money using crowdfunding and what’s better than that to move your business?

Network effect

You can use people who invested in your business as a network. You can give your newsletter, your information and a lots of other things to them and you have a great list to start your network of communications.

It can speed up your business

This is yet another simple one. You can speed up your business based on all the given points in this list so no need for extra explainations.

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