Hire staff in workable style

Hire staff in workable style

There are many problems involved in the process of hiring new workforce for your startup and many of us don’t have such a great experience in hiring a t the beginning of our work but there are tools that can make life easier for startup folks. Today we want to introduce you to a great hiring tool called workable. This tool is a professional way of hiring great workforce and brings people with high quality to your company.

What is workable?

Workable is a simple website that can provide you almost anything you need on terms of hiring new staff for your startup. It can give you a chance to track applicants which have uploaded heir resume there in workable. This means that you will have a great list consist more that 6 thousand top rated applications. You can see profiles, search them based on your system requirements and expertise you may need in the job position you have.

You can search people based on almost anything you may think of, age, experience, locality, language and etc. you can manage your interview timing and schedule using workable and then you can get a long range of reports for your hiring activities with only a couple of clicks. So technically we can say that workable is almost equal to hiring a professional person in human recourse management but with a lot less cost and more freedom for CEO to get experience in hiring while managing current needs.

How much does it cost to use workable?

Well to start with this tool, you can use it for free and get a trial account to get yourself familiarized with what workable has to offer. We suggest you to do this you are not sure if it is useful for you or not.

But after you made sure it is useful for you then go on and get a real account for long term use. The first option is great for people who don’t know how much they may need this tool. This type will ask you 50$ per each hiring and it is flexible enough to use in long time.

The second and third types are starter and pro packages that may have variable pricing because there are no specific pricing for them on their website. There is also a custom account which has all you want instead of a predefined package and you have to contact workable team to arrange one for yourself.

This tool is a great one for people who want to do thing with ease and in style even if they don’t have any experience in hiring so try it and leave us a comment down below about your experience with workable.


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