What Are The Best Startup Businesses?

What are the best startup businesses
best startup businesses
best startup businesses


Now that the year is coming to an end, we will take a look at the year’s best startup businesses. Previously, Forbes had announced the Next Billion dollar startups for 2017. With that list on the counter desk, we will give you an analysis of what are the best startup businesses and plans for the coming era.


Here is the list of the next best startup businesses according to Forbes:


  • Pill Pack:

    As it could be understood from its name, this startup is handling your medicines. From purchases and delivery to packaging and the daily regime of medicine consumption, they will be with you. They take your orders, consult with your doctors, purchase them, pack them and make them ready for your customized personal usage.

  • Spire:

    Spire is a geek favor startup. It’s like the rocket science of the startup era. They track movements by satellites! Cool, ain’t it? They provide a huge amount of information for any facility manager. Like air and ocean traffic control centers. Enormous data collection is what they sell for important usage of daily world scheduling progress.

  • SeatGeek:

    If you are a weekend entertainment fanatic, this is where you should search for your plans. Any ticket for being an audience to a fun event (concerts, sports matches, cinema, theatre, gallery and etc) is here to purchase and delivered.

  • Zola:

    Are you planning a wedding with lots of different professions involved in just one of them? Zola gather them in one place and according to your desired plan, they suggest you the best possible combinations and coordination between the available options.

  • Optoro:

    This one is a really valuable idea.  If you are rich enough to own a retail company or a productive one you will definitely need a reverse strategy at least for making more money out of nothing!  On the other hand, if you are a “green” pro-environment activist, you would like a reverse logistics to recycle things as much as possible. Hence, Optoro provides optimum strategies for this matter and made your business more productive.

  • Livongo:

    Unfortunately, lots of people are dealing with a chronic situation.Livongo doesn’t want these conditions limit your life range. They help and support you with customized healthcare services. For this reason, they track your health criteria. They consult with your doctors. And, they are always available for urgent situations.

  •   Leesa:

    Don’t you feel comfortable in bed? having trouble with your sleeping equipment? Leesa is there to help you gain a better sleep. In this manner, Leesa produces sleeping matters consistent with your health conditions including mattress, blanket, pillow, bed and etc.

  • Funbox:

    Anytime, you want to imply a great idea into a business, money is the main obstacle. Especially if you are thinking about scaling up your business with new ideas, you really need money to do so. Therefore, Fundbox gives you the possibility in which you can raise fund. In contrast with traditional capitals, Fundbox helps you with evaluating your business credits, not your personal records.

  • Flexport:

    Like traffic monitoring apps and long-range public internet providers, Flexport uses people and their personal equipment in order to track your transfers. You can give them your goods and follow it in real-time. Anywhere and Anytime. Right to your desired destination. It will make the transition and transportation scene a lot more secure and transparent.



Analyses and Breakdown

This introduction gives us great hints. Hints about what is going on the business scene. The point that what pattern we should follow for being the next successful startup business.

  • 37.5%… of these 8 startups focus on health issues.
  • 75%… of these 8 startups have outsourcing business strategies.
  • 100%… of these 8 startups providing customized services to each customer.

Taking this analyses in the count, you will follow this pattern that “THE NEXT MANEY MAKING STARTUP BUSINESS” is one or a combination of these three:


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