Automated Email management with Mailshake

Automated Email management with Mailshake

Email is an essential part of what we do today as a business, if you miss an email by any reason then you may potentially lose a great deal or even a good and loyal customer. So emails represent opportunities and a good startup should be able to seize the opportunities if they want to make it to greatness. If you want to manage things all by yourself then you should be a robot or Superman to stand a chance and manage all things flawlessly. So what you have to do? There are solutions for such problems and one of them is Mailshake. This tool is an amazing tool for Email management and all related task and today we want to introduce you to Mailshake to show you why it can be extremely useful for your startup.

What is mailshake?

Mailshake is a simple email automation and management solution that can make your complicated and time-consuming tasks a lot easier. It does a lot more than managing your content and it is a great way to make the marketing activities and related acts streamlined. It can generate leads for your business and builds relationships on that foundation. After this step, the promotion system will start.

The best thing about this amazing tool is that all you need in order to be able to use their services is a google account which most of us already have. You can get advice and insights from the people you can count on their knowledge and this alone worth your time and effort. So we have to say that you can get information, kick your campaign and automate your system.  Right now Mailshake people have more than 20 thousand customers all around the world and more than 93 million Emails got sent by their automated system which is a big number. People can integrate their services to their own systems using a great API.

How much does it cost you?

A basic account will cost you 29$ per month and you can get unlimited email aliases and automation with an advance scheduling system and Zapier CRM. If you want things such as Alpha and beta testing and conversation tracking then you can go for a pro account which will cost you 49$ per month. These prices are based on a single user and you have to pay the same sum for an additional google account but it worth using it especially if you are a rising startup company that needs a footing.

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