Intel acquired an AI startup named

Intel acquired an AI startup named

There are a lot of startups with bright future out there and there are a lot of keen eyes on buying these startups and turning them into a sub part of a greater company. One of these giants who has a track record of buying startups is Intel and in their latest attempt to do such act, they have bought an AI startup called is a startup which was founded back in 2015 and in less than 3 years, they have made such promising signs that even a tech giant such as Intel couldn’t resist them and turned them into a part of their family.

What does actually do?

This startup is all about artificial intelligence and there is a lot of room to work in this area so decided to unify them all into one core platform. Their main goal is making a deep learning system for every platform out there and this means that they have a huge potential market lays ahead of them and it’s fair to say that, this was one of the main motivating reasons behind this acquisition by Intel.

Intel even published an official statement on this new recruitment and in this statement, they have mentioned: “With this acquisition, Intel gained an experienced team and IP to further enable flexible deep learning at the edge,”

A huge scope for both sides

Right now Intel has a huge business of AI processors and this business worth 1 billion USD at the moment but they are planning on ten folding it by 2020 and buying startups such as may help them reach this tremendous goal.

On the other hand, this huge experience may come in handy for as well because they can learn huge deal from what Intel has already experienced and in other words, they don’t need to invent wheel from scratch again.

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