Painful facts about startup life


Startup life is not an easy one but its obscure for many people who want to join it so today we will put all formalities aside and discuss the ugly side of startup life for you.

Bye Bye social life

Social life is something that keeps us alive. We have learned social life since we used to live in caves and today we are in a whole new level of this life style. But if you want to start a startup life, then you should go all out. This means that you have to spend most of your time in your office or other people’s office. In other word you should leave your social life behind for at least a year so if you are not ready for this then forget about startup, or at least a successful one.

Physical and mental pressure

Yes, you will be under a huge pressure for the first couple of years. Mental pressure is constantly there and you can’t switch your mind off easily. Finance, rivals, strategies, regulations and a lot of other things will stay on your mind and you just have to bare them in order to solve them.

On the other hand, you will get minimum time for yourself. Going into multiple meetings, seeing many people to join your team or make them an investor, these are only a small part of what you have to go through. So minimum sleep, minimum rest and maximum movement will be there and you have to be ready for that.

Naysayers all around

Negativity is in the air when you start your startup; rivals, non believers and all kind of other people will try to prove you that you simply just can’t. But you have to endure. Ignore them and go on full throttle. Don’t let them get into your mind and focus on success.

No money for me

You won’t get rich immediately and it’s an absolute fact. You have to be patient and in the first year you may not get any money for yourself at all. So be patient and then money will come to you eventually.

These points are there and you have to know them before you go into startup life but guess what? These problems are only there in the early years and if you are consistent, a time will come that  you won’t need to worry about anything and then all of these will be in the past. You have all the time in the world to spend with your family and sleep and money will keep rolling in, so don’t give up and carry on.

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