Paragen Bio, a 6 million dollar startup that fights hookworms

Paragen Bio, a 6 million dollar startup that fights hookworms

There are a lot of problems in the world that comes from parasites and when there is a problem, there should be a startup trying to solve it. So it’s no surprise that Number of medical startups are rising these days and some of them are showing some amazingly weird and interesting ideas. Paragen Bio is such this type of startup and that’s why they were able to raise over 6 million us dollar in fund raising and soon will take actions to fight some of the most annoying sicknesses in our life.

This company is actually spun off from James Cook University and that’s why they had such solid ground to start. They have raised this sum of money to overcome one of the grossest creatures in the world.

What exactly Paragen Bio does?

Paragen Bio fights a very small parasite creature called hookworm. These worms are blood sucking parasites who are cause of illnesses such as asthma. So this Australian startup has a lot of things that can be useful for all the people in the world.

A good thing is that people of this company have government support as well and they know that they can work amazingly well by having the favor of both people and government and that’s why they are going strong.

Raising this huge amount of money has a great massage for all small startup people and it is a message of hope. It clearly shows that if you select a great idea that the world needs it then people are willing to invest on your idea.

This startup is amazingly successful at the moment and these people are there to make history so please try to remember their name because they may be able to solve the problem of asthma for the whole world.

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