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Many people in startups have some difficulties in their project management. They lose the track of time and progress and they can’t handle the size of information which they have to process. That why tolls like Trello exist. This tool is a web based system which can make project management a whole lot easier.

Start and rise of Trello

Back in 2011, we didn’t have many great project management tools. There were some nice project management tolls but they were all client based and you couldn’t use them on the go. That why the idea behind Trello started to get surfaced.

First version of this toll released in2011 by Joel Spolsky. He made this project so well that in less than a year, it got a huge customer base and media attention.

What can Trello do?

Trello allows you to create boards, lists and cards for your project. You can add people to your boards and manage your project using lists. For example we have Startupik team, we create a board named Stratupik in Trello and add all of our authors there.

Then we can create list. List can be defined by user, in our example, we create a list called article ideas and a list named working and another one named done. We can create cards for each list. In our example we create a card called article about Trello. We can assign people to card, add description for it, create deadline, add files, leave comments and even see the history of the card. So for our example we give the link to it and put a version of apk file for android. In the description, we add: “an article about Trello’s functionalities and benefits” and then assign Mr X to this card.

Mr X can take this card, move it to working list and after he finished the article then he will move it to done list. This is the whole simple flow that shows how Trello works.

Why Trello?

First of all, you can sign up for free so this useful tool won’t bring financial stress for your startup. Second merit is that Trello is fully web based. You can access it using your browser anywhere. 3rd reason is that Trello has smartphone app and android and iOS users can install this app to get their trello notifications and interact with third project using their mobile phone.  4th reason is that it is always is connected to your email and you get notifications in your inbox.

There are tons of other facilities and merits that you can discover by yourself and if we want to explain them all then you might have to continue reading for the next 10 hours. You can get android version of Trello from Google play store and iOS version from apple’s app store. You can access to this useful tool using your browser as well. If you want android version then you can click here, for iOS version, you can click here and to get to browser version, you can click here.

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