3 Big lies about startup and entrepreneurship

startup and entrepreneurship

Many people don’t know the depth and reality of startup and entrepreneurship and some people don’t know them well. There are many saying about these two and some of them are facts and some are absolute myths. In this article we like to highlight 3 of myths that people believe about startup and entrepreneurship.

You don’t have to answer to anyone, you are your own boss

You can see what we try to say even before we start this point. Many people believe that being an entrepreneur means that you are the god of your business, you don’t have to answer to anyone and you are the definitive power. Well, it’s totally wrong and this misconception may cause you a huge damage.

In startup and entrepreneurship, you may not have the traditional boss as an entity but there are multiple thing which you should consider. First one is your discipline, you should manage your time and energy to make your startup successful. The next one is that you have to answer to your investors.

People invest in your idea and they expect answers and if you don’t want to answer to no one, well then good luck having enough funds to manage your business without the need for any investors. But in 99.9% of the times, you need other people and hence you should be ready with some proper reports and answers to show them that you are doing well.

You can decide your working time

Yes, you are far more flexible than any traditional business in timing but in the end, you have to deal with customers. Customers are coming from traditional bases, they are companies, people who work for companies and entities which are a part of a pre-established system with traditional timing.

So you can’t sell your product to people at 3 AM. You have to work base on your customers timing and that’s why this absolute freedom in time is nothing but a beautiful lie. You may have the option in your development phase but not in marketing and sale.

You will definitely earn a huge amount of money

Some people in startup and entrepreneurship will be extremely rich but not all startups will bring a huge fortune for their people. All of us won’t be bill gates and Jeff Bezos. Its ok to dream big but you should know that we need to hold our horses, some ideas are not meant to make you the next billionaire.

You might earn some acceptable money in startup and entrepreneurship but it’s not guaranteed that you will become rich. As the matter of fact, many startups fail just because of this type of attitude. They expect a lot in short amount of time and when they see that their progress is not even close to what they dreamed, they lose it and give up easily.

So what are the other lies that people say about startup and entrepreneurship? If you know some then feel free to leave a comment for us down below.

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