Mark Cuban the man who reinvented sport business


The name Mark Cuban may not be a familiar one for many people but without him the current entertainment media for sport industry would never be the same. It’s fair to say that Mark Cuban re invented this industry with a startup approach.

Who is Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is an American entrepreneur and businessman. He born in USA back in 1958. He had an unusual life as a kid, Mark Cuban himself describes that his mother changed her work every one or two weeks and that’s why he got to know about multiple business.

He started his business career way too early. He was 12 when he started selling garbage plastic bags to gain income in order to fix his sport shoes. He proved that he is an opportunist. When he was only 16, he came to know about a strike and took newspaper from other cities to that region and gain his first impressive amount using this wide view.

He later joined university of Pittsburgh and Indiana University. He finally finished his studies at 1981 in field of management. After that, he started to rewrite the history on his own way.

Reinventing an already established business

Mark Cuban started his own company called Micro solutions in software field. This company made him a millionaire and in less than 8 years, h sold it for 6 million US dollars back in 1990.

After that he started his approach in sport industry and made his impact on basketball first.  He made one of the first online broadcast systems in the whole world and named it Audionet. Audionet was a successful Webcasting system and later on changed name to

A Girl boss called Sophia Amoruso

This website had a huge impact in what we see today as online sport streaming. They made the first live stream of a sport event back in 1999 and then moved on into other types of shows such as fashion.

Sometime after that, Yahoo bought them for more than 5 billion dollars and then Mark Cuban started a new adventure. Since then he got into multiple businesses such as cinema, real state and etc.

A new startup era under Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban not only made a huge impact on business world using his own ideas but he also started investing in multiple startups. He made a huge investment in multiple startup companies and made the path easier for many young talents to shine.

One of the best examples of his investments is Brondell. This startup had some ideas about high-tech toilets and now they are a huge name in this industry.  At the moment, Mark Cuban is mainly concentrated on media business and American sports.

He won multiple awards for his media works and he is also one of the most powerful people in multiple sports inside USA. Right now he is living with his family and reduced his activities a little bit but he is still investing on new and raisin startups. Mark Cuban is a great example of an entrepreneur, a good venture capitalist and  he is a great role model if you want to re-invent something which seems solid at the moment.

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