Teamgate, a great CRM tool for all companies

Teamgate, a great CRM tool for all companies

When it comes to startups, there is usually minimum knowledge about CRM (Customer relation management) and people will start learning while getting experienced in this field. This means that you will spend time and energy that you can spend on other things, on CRM when you can use tools to make it in perfect working order. Today we want to introduce you to a great CRM tool called teamgate that can make working in this field a lot easier for you.

What is teamgate?

If we want to explain the process of working with Teamgate then we can categorize it in some steps. First step is collecting, it means that you can bring more traffic to your website by adding special insights and small details which Teamgate will provide you. Then you will get these leads and turn people with a natural position into customers of your products or services. This level is called converting and then in the next step called closing, you will close the deal and make the process, fruitful for you company.

Teamgate can provide you insights on every single level you can think of and this means that you have a great chance of doing better and better in time. So technically you can get all things regarding CRM from this tool and all you have to do is to get some basic knowledge about CRM and then let Teamgate make you shine.

Teamgate account types

As usual, you cannot use this amazing tool for free but believe us when we say that paying the price they ask is not even comparable to what you can save, we are not exaggerating at all. So there are 3 type of account you can get in teamgate, first one is starter account which will cost you 8 euros per user in every month. facilities listed for this type of account includes live chat & email support,  5GB storage per user,  Data backups once per day, native iOS and Android apps, free On boarding system,  basic contact management, calendar and organizer and Agenda and finally team document storage / sharing.

The second account type is PROFESSIONAL account and it has all you can get from starter account plus full-featured lead management, opportunity tracking, sales acceleration and forecasting and team performance Dashboard for 20euroes per user in each month.

Finally, we have Enterprise level account which costs 55 Euros per month and it has product price catalogue, advanced insights and user access restriction and data visibility plus all you could get from other accounts.

So if you have doubt that which one is suitable for you then you can ask for a free demo and then you will know a lot more about this system. As you can see, there is a lot of technical stuff involved in a tool such as this one so we suggest you to go to their website by clicking here and learn more for yourself. As always, you are more than welcome to leave a comment for us and we will happily accept your comment and points to apply them in our future works.

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