Martin Lorentzon, the man who founded Spotify

Martin Lorentzon, the man who founded Spotify

We all love music and thanks to internet, we have a great access to different music centers on the run. One the most popular online music services all around the world is Spotify and today we want to take a look at the life of the man who have built this musical empire. Spotify founder is Martin Lorentzon and we will take a look at his life and the path he took as an entrepreneur to reach where he is now so let’s get going.

Martin Lorentzon, a man from Sweden

Yes, as you can tell by the name, Martin Lorentzon does not sound American at all. He was born in Sweden back in 1969 where there were no internet and tech wasn’t even close to what we can see today.

He grew up there and even attended higher education and got his civil engineering degree in the University of Copenhagen and later on he got his economy post graduation course passed in Stockholm school of economics.

Making history with Spotify

You might have thought that he was in Sweden and he did not study anything related to computer than how did he entered the domain of computer and internet? Well it is simple, he had a friend named Felix Hagnö and together they have founded their first company named Tradedouble.

This company was all about tech and even won the Guldmusen prize as the IT-rookie of the Year. This gave them enough interest and edge to go further and finally they have made it into history and founded Spotify together at 2006.

Martin Lorentzon turned into a giant name in music industry soon after they have launched spotify and then he dedicated his life to spotify. He is one of the rare examples of people who find something and then stick into it until they make that one thing their whole life and world. He even got honorary doctorate at Chalmers University of Technology back in 2015 and this is only one of many honors that he got in his glorious life so far.

Right now spotify is rocking music world and Martin Lorentzon estimated net worth if 3.7 billion US dollars which is a great amount for someone who didn’t turn 50 yet. So if you are a young talent and you want to have role model then Martin Lorentzon can be an amazing example for you.  go on and follow him on social media and then you will learn a lot by just reading his posts.


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