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“People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Influencer marketing is making use of famous people on the Internet to market your product or service. It has been proven that influencer marketing is very useful compared to traditional forms of digital marketing, as you want to grow your market, it is definitely something you want to try, if you’re planning to start working with influencer marketing, Instagram is a great place to start. This post will help you understand how exactly you can start your influencer marketing efforts on Instagram as a part of your business strategy, and how you can execute your very first campaign on this platform.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a combination of old and new marketing tools. It is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create high-impact relations with customers about your brand or products. It involves making use of well-known people on the Net to become your brand ambassadors.

What is an influencer?

People with a huge following on social media or blogs whose influence and authority can convince their followers to become your loyal customers in some way. Influencers can be anywhere and anyone. Any person, group, or place could potentially be an influencer. What makes them influential is their large audience on the web and social media. It can be a well-known fashion photographer on Instagram or a well-read blogger. For example, when a blogger recommends a product it seems more trustworthy than traditional advertising, there are influential people within any industry so you just have to find them. You can easily recognize them by their hundreds of thousands of followers, and that’s the target audience you’re after. Influencers must have three key factors: reach, contextual credibility, and salesmanship.

  1. Reach: the ability to deliver a message to a large number of audience. This is important but insufficient. Influencers with small reach but high credibility and salesmanship are called micro-influencers.
  2. Contextual credibility: the level of trust given by the audience based on the influencer’s perceived knowledge on a specific topic.
  3. Salesmanship: There are some people who seem to have an incredible power to convince people of their point of view. They explain things in convincing ways

Why influencer marketing is important for your marketing?

There are so many reasons why you should use influencer marketing and allocate a good budget for it in your strategy.

  • Any Consumers trust recommendations from influencers
  • Social media are rapid growing
  • Ads are blocking by people

Social media are rapidly growing and since these platforms are where influencers mostly connect with consumers this marketing strategy is essential for a brands marketing strategy, Influencers have a high power on whether people buy your product. Most people are blocking your advertisement on the Internet, the 2018 Report from PageFair shows that over 615 million devices use ad block, and this number grew by 35% globally since 2016.

Why Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy is essential for your Business?

Instagram is one of the best platforms for brands to partner with influencers on to reach new followers quickly. Instagram is the best performing channel for social action, with an average 3.21% engagement rate. One reason why Instagram influencer marketing is so important is because it introduces your brand to a new audience via a more trustworthy source, your influencer partner. For example, if you receive a flyer in the mail for a new restaurant and one week later, three different friends tell you about how delicious the food was and urge you to go restaurant.

In this scenario, which has an impact on whether you try out the restaurant? The flyer that came directly from the restaurant, or the recommendations from your friends? A Nielsen survey has shown that only 33% of consumers trust brand advertisements, whereas 90% trust peer recommendations. But it’s not just friends where customers put their trust. A survey from Twitter shown 49% of users rely on social media influencers for recommendations. Influencer marketing content drives 11 times higher ROI than traditional digital marketing channels.

Instagram influencer marketing is essential for every startup, for a few more reasons:

  • There’s a ton of influencers to work with Instagram right now.
  • Most of the influencers are willing to work with brands of any size, as long as they see a connection between your brand and their audience.
  • Cost of Influencer marketing is still low

Getting Started with Instagram Influencer Marketing

1.Set Clear Goals

What are your goals?

  • Wish to raise brand awareness
  • Promote a product
  • Drive more traffic
  • Increase sales

You need to clearly define your goals so you can have a better idea of how to go about your campaign. For instance, having a clear goal in place will help you understand what kind of performance metrics will be relevant for the campaign. Engagement is the most used metric for measuring influencer marketing performance. Some other important metrics are Clicks, impressions, conversions, reach, and product sales.

How to Increase your Follower on Instagram

2. Knowing your Audience

Define your target customers and understanding who impacts how they evaluate, discover and buy your product is a right step in kicking off any influencer effort.

3. Find the Right Influencers

You will need to find people who create content related to your brand, industry, or products and they can impact your business or your buyer’s decision-making process. Here are a few points you should consider when defining your influencer:

  • If you want to increase brand awareness, a good option is a relevant top-tier. If you want to drive engagement and start conversations around your product, find a relevant micro-influencer instead.
  • You need to have a clear idea about the kind of voice your ideal influencer should have. Do you want them to be more serious? Or would you like them to be casual? Consider all of this according to what your target audience would like.
  • You must clearly define the minimum average engagement rate your influencers should be able to maintain.

Using these points to define your ideal influencer, now you can start your search of influencers for your campaign

4. Define Collaboration Structure

Now you’ll need to discuss how you’re going to collaborate with influencers. Here are some points you should be negotiating about with your influencers:

  • Timeframe:  Make sure you clearly talk with your influencers about deadlines and campaign timeframe.
  • Produce Content: You should also have an agreement on what exactly you expect them to produce for the campaign. What kind of content do you want?
  • Compensation: Many brands and marketers fail to consider thoroughly before beginning their Instagram influencer marketing campaigns. Will you be giving them a flat payment per post or prefer to pay them based on their performance?

5. Design Your Influencer Campaigns

There are many ways to set up campaigns once influencers agree to work with your Brand. Start to collaborate to create more brand awareness, promote certain products or services, or achieve other goals defined in STEP ONE.

Once you have selected an influencer, they can create consistent content that is relevant to potential consumers and can be re-used across a variety of platforms. Influencer marketing should be integrated with the marketing strategy to create a campaign that can boost brand awareness. Brands should allow them to retain their creativity and personal style during partnerships.

Influencers gain their followers due to their original content, and content that is obviously branded takes away the influencer’s natural appeal to their audience. Brands still need to make certain that their content is high-quality and on-brand. Brands should also to ensure their influencers are posting content aligned with the marketing values and goals. Successful influencer related to their authenticity.

6. Monitor and Track the Success of Your Strategy

The metrics that you identified in your strategy need to be measured to provide insight into the success of Instagram influencer marketing campaigns. Without this important final step, you may not be in a position to adjust strategy, replicate success, or to get it right next time if results are poor. Understand what’s working and what’s not – whether you’re reaching your target audience and if these new followers are clicking through to your store and buying.


Let’s find-out How to Find Instagram Influencers

1. Hashtags

Using Instagram’s hashtag search you can look for locations, keywords and topics related to your business niche

  • What accounts are using these tags?
  • Do any have large followings that could fit your brand?

2. Use an Influencer Network Tools

There are some influencer networks that are available for free. While the free networks do not have the same analysis as paid ones, they are still useful in the search for Instagram influencers.

3. Look Out for Competitors

A way to find influencers who may be interested in promoting your products is by looking at what your competitors are doing. Do not focus on the popular company in the niche, as they may be able to offer influencers better compensation. Look at brands in the niche who have a similar size and profile to your company. Look at all the posts wherever your competitors are tagged in. Posts will show you popular Instagram influencers who are advertising the products or services that your competitors are offering.

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