Green Scooter, a green version of Uber

Green Scooter, a green version of Uber

People who have travelled to east know those funny looking transportation vehicles called tuk tuk. These vehicles are usually good for two or three passengers and they are popular in countries like India, Thailand and other East Asian countries. Green Scooter is a new startup who has a plan to make an Uber like system for Tuk Tuk transportation vehicles.

The funny thing is that they brought their idea to people in Ube first but got rejected in a little bit of a rough way and then their founder and CEO have decided to do it himself. The result was a startup named Green Scooter.

Fezile Dhlamini is founder and Managing Director of Green Scooter and he got this idea when he analyzed the current transportation systems. He figured out that the world has enough pollution and we need a eco-friendly transformation in the important section we know as transportation.

He has quitted his job to make Green Scooter a reality and make the world a greener place. He explains the whole concept of his startup like this: “The entire business mantra is that we’re building everything to be self-sustainable. If it cannot sustain itself then it is damaging the environment and you’re just working on something that is going to cost you more to operate. We will be building our own charging infrastructure, it will be self-sustainable we will be using solar power. By using solar we will not use any processed materials like coal or fossil fuels for example. We’re building everything to be self sustainable.”

So as you can see, once again a startup idea is on the verge of changing the world as we know it and that’s why today we will have the hope for a greener tomorrow thank to startups such as Green Scooter. This startup has some planes for suture as well and their CEO explains it like this: “we have the delivery vehicles; they also have sails on the side and a boot at the back.”

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