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We all need images and graphical representation in our projects and this means that there will be a lot of hard work involved designing amazing photos that can attract audience. If you ask anyone random about the ways we can design posters and images, they will direct you toward Photoshop but today we will give you a tool called Stencil that can give you ability to design amazingly nice images and banners easily.

Why Stencil?

The first trouble you will face in designing is trying to find photos without any copyright applied on them. So Stencil can help you with this because it has more than 1.8 million royalty free images that you can use for your designing. These photos are having high resolution, and they are amazingly vast. You can search them by result, aspect ratio and a lot more. Pictures are even categorized for specific social media use.

You can manage this design using a very nice and user friendly toolbox that will give you a chance to edit and redesign your images in an extremely fast way. After that you can manage your social network activities. You can even create time schedules for your post to get published in time. And all these can be done by only a few clicks using Stencil.

 How much does it cost?

If you want to use for fun then your account will cost you nothing. You can create up to 10 images per month and you will have limited access to photo archive and icon storage. If you want to have full access to archives than you can use Pro account which will cost 15$ per month but you can only create 50 images in each month.

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The best option in membership is Unlimited account that will give you access to all storage galleries and unlimited amount of photos to create. You have to pay 20$ for this account which is only 5 dollars more than pro account in each month and makes it a better candidate for startups.

If you like to get discount then you can use annual plans to reduce cost of pro account by 6$ in each month and a 8 dollar discount will be applied for each month of annual unlimited membership plan. per month Even if you want, you can get your money back after 7 days which is a great assurance for people who are not sure that Stencil is the right tool for them or not. Go on and give it a try to see what this tool can bring for you and as always, we would be glad if you share your thoughts and feedbacks with us in the comments section.

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